Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

8- The twins

Shuyan and Akihiro

  A few months after being kidnapped, Kiara was pregnant again, but this time, the girl waited twins, since they were in the womb, already showed different behaviors.
  Without knowing how to explain, Sesshomaru has felt a great affection for one of the babies, while Kiara felt affection for both her children.
  One afternoon, as the couple walked through the garden, babies gave the signal that would be born, leaving Sesshoumaru agitated and anxious during the birth of their children.
  - Where is the other baby?-Sesshomaru asked worried.
  - Still within Kiara, is not yet the time he was born, only the girl was rushed.
- How long will it take another birth?
- I do not know, it may take a few more months. This girl did not let his brother get the same amount of nutrients that it, and therefore she was born first.
- I understand ... Perhaps he comes to the world, maybe in 3 months?
- No. .. I think it will take about four months or more. What is her name?
  - Is Shuyan.

  It was strange to think that just double the other twin born. both have to be born and not at the same time on different days.
  And finally, another baby was born, but completely different from his sister, he was dark brown eyes, he had silver hair and brown eyes, and her features were not like his sister, were different, nor did it appear that they had been together in the womb and therefore was named Akihiro, a name chosen by Kiara.

  Despite the differences, the brothers get along, did not fight, nor did morning to get the attention of parents, because they knew they had the equal amount of love for each one, which grew happy and proud parents who have more time.