Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, June 17, 2012

5- Vitani


  Seventeen years have passed, and Takashi had become a young man educated and more proud to Sesshomaru and Kiara, besides being a fun company to his brother, who was seriously, like his father.
 One day, as Yasuhiko and his brother made the rounds in the vicinity of the castle of his father, both see a blonde woman wearing a white dress, a fox demon, who had been banished from the lands of Sesshomaru because she had tried to poison Kiara and take her place in the kingdom.
 -You have been banned, what are you doing here? My father was very clear when he said that you could never set foot on this land again, have you forgotten?
 The girl looked innocently for Takashi, saying tearfully:
 - I could not help it, my mother forced me to do that, I was friends with his mother and his father did not do it with intention, believe me, I got tired of being a person tainted by his father.
 - She seems to be telling the truth, Yasuhiko, let it go, ask if our father, we can say that she came in while we were coming home.
 - It is not easy, Takashi, if you're feeling compassion it, know that our father will kill her to see again in our land without permission. -Back toVitani- and you, try to leave as soon as possible here, but his head is no longer in your body.
 - Thank you for  understanding, Yasuhiko-sama and Takashi-sama.
 Waited for her to leave and returned home quietly, for they knew that Sesshoumaru would be proud of both. Halfway there, Takashi asked his brother:
 - Hey, Yasuhiko, what's her name? Our father never told me how she was called.
 - Her name is Vitani, should not approach her, you hear?
 - Yes, but she is so beautiful, looks so sweet.
 Yasuhiko looked his brother  terrified and said:
 - If my father hears about it, consider yourself banned too, or consider yourself dead.
 - I know, so I want your help.
 - No way! Then I will be punished also find our father, if you want to try my luck, talk to him.
 - Should I?
 - He will hear you, but do not know if he will accept.
 - I have nothing to lose it, I'll try.
 - You have something to lose rather, her neck ... Good luck!
 Came home and contarm whole story to Sesshoumaru that prided themselves on their children.
 -Is there anything else you want to tell?
 Yasuhiko nudged her brother, who whispered the answer:
 - No! He'll kill me!
 - Tell me and enjoy what he is happy, will not have another opportunity like this!
 Sesshomaru was confused with the whispers of the children.
 - They decided? Is there anything else to say yes or no?
 Yasuhiko took the initiative:
 - Well, Takashi has something to tell you, father.
 - You pay me, -Takashi whispered  angry  to his brother -that is, I'm in love with Vitani, Dad, I'm sorry.
 - I did not think I'd see the day when one of my kids would give me such a disgust ... Takashi, I definitely will not accept such a thing, never in my life, ever! From aogra on, you will not go over to patrol with his brother, not to be reunited with that bastard more, we understood?
 Takashi rebelled for the first time:
 - I will not accept it! You already hold this hatred for many years and it's time to stop it, I love Viatni and I'll marry her, whether you like it or not!
 Angered by his youngest son, Sesshomaru slapped the face of Takashi and shouted, madly, being restrained by Kiara:
 - Enough! I will not put up with it in my own home! You may love it but can not marry her, while I'm in power, you will not exchange a single word you want with it, okay? Now go to your bedroom and forget this madness!

 After calming down, Sesshomaru spoke briefly with Kiara:
 - It's the end, Kiara, again threatens the damn someone who is dear to me, what can I do to get this absurd idea Takashi's head?
 - Reconsider baby, sometimes Vitani may have changed, take another chance, come on!
 - For his sake, I have no other choice.

 In the morning and in the days that followed, Vitane proved to be an excellent woman, without evidence of cruelty, of love for Takashi feathers.
 Making sure she was no longer a threat, allowed the marriage of his youngest child and gave his pardon to the fox-demon, who was deeply grateful and happy.