Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

9- Revenge


  The news of the birth of twins spread rapidly, as the news that Scar had been killed by Sesshomaru, which did not please one person in particular: Vitani's mother, Zirayne, who deeply loved Scar, but he never knew that feeling.
  Furious and hurt, Zirayne devised a plan of revenge against the family of Sesshoumaru, the demon does not make the target, but something he loved madly and give his life to protect: his wife Kiara.
  How did you know Vitani had reconnect with them again, asked her daughter to put poison in the tea Kiara to kill her. Vitani refused, not wanting to risk his friendship with Sesshomaru again.
  Even more consumed by anger, Zirayne devised a plan for your cruel enemy snetir the pain of losing something that is wanted, then teamed up with another woman, who wished to have a husband Sesshoumaru: Rina Shjiyuki.

 After a few months, decided to put the plan into practice, the very day of the anniversary of Sesshomaru and Kiara, who were walking on the lake where they first met.
 - Happy anniversary! I hope you are very happy together! - Rina said, handing a gift to Kiara- My name is Rina, I am ruler of the southern lands, and the news of your marriage spread quickly, so wanted to make my compliments and wishes for a good neighborhood.
 - Thank you for your kindness ... - Sesshomaru said suspiciously.
- Not at all, just wanted to make a courtesy; - Shiyuki replied, smiling, will not open the package?
 - Oh, of course, I'm distracted ... Sesshomaru, honey, you can hold the package for me to untie the ribbon?
- Of course, princess.
  Upon opening the package, you can see that this is a decoration made of rubies and sapphires.
 - It's beautiful, thank you ...
 - ... we love. Youkai-completed, in order to finish the conversation with the stranger.
 - Do not thank me! Well, I'll leave them alone, so long!
 - Goodbye.


   After the bizarre encounter they had with the new neighbor, the couple continued to walk by the lake, recalling times and pleasant memories.

   Before bed, Kiara hung the decoration in the room and joined her husband in bed, tidying up the nest of his arms.
  - Good night, my beloved princess.
  - Sleep well, my handsome prince. - Said the girl, gently kissing the lips of her husband.

   During the night, Kiara began to wrestle on the bed, which was not normal, and that woke Sesshoumaru, who lovingly embraced her again and kissed her neck, for your wife to calm down and feel his presence beside her .
   A few minutes later, she wakes up, frightened and cold sweat, making the demon awakening once again worried.
  - It's okay, princess, was just a nightmare, I stou here I will protect you from everything. - Said the boy, hugging his wife, are you cold, dear, I think you better go take a hot bath.
 - Okay, honey, I'm going.
  - If you need to call me, ok?
  - Ok, do not worry, my love.

   While Kiara left the bathroom, she thought she saw blood around the room and screamed in horror and began to cry.
  - Princess, what happened? Why are you crying?
  - Sesshoumaru, why is blood spilled by our room?
  - Honey, there's no blood here, where are you seeing this?
  - There's blood rather, and is on the floor, walls and in my half of our bed.
 To calm his wife, Sesshomaru turned on the lights and showed her that there was nothing in the room.
  - I saw, darling, I saw blood ... by chance do you think I'm crazy?
  - Of course not, my love, you must be sleepy, go to sleep again.
   When you snuggle under the blankets on the bed, the girl asked her husband, who hugged her warmly and with much love.
  - Sesshoumaru, dear ...
  - What is it, princess?
  - When I sleep, promises that you will protect me?
   Before responding, the youkai kissed his wife with kindness and affection for a few minutes, then answered, caressing her body, which was very close to him:

  - I will protect you with my life, forever. Now, you can rest, darling, there is nothing to fear you while I'm here.
   And so back to sleep peacefully, but Zirayne could see everything that happened in the castle of the demon dog and Rina reported with satisfaction:
  - Everything is going as planned, the poison of the decoration is changing the vision and the mind of Kiara in three days, she will be completely mad and take away her own life.
 Rina celebrated joyously, because finally, Sesshoumaru would be hers forever and nothing would, therefore, broke its partnership with Zirayne.
  - What? The plan is not completely finished, it should not go there yet.
  - I have nothing more to lose,  Kiara will perish soon and I will take her place!
  - Our partnership can not yet over, Kiara is still alive and the plan is not finished.
  - I do not care! Sesshomaru is already mine and he will love me, I know.
  -I'm afraid you're wrong, my dear friend, you see it ...
  In Zirayne mirror, she could see the image of the demon was caressing his wife and gently kissing her face and her lips while she slept.
 Irritated, Rina almost breaks the mirror, completely enraged by the image he had just seen and reached a conclusion:
  - No use, he will never want me, was just an illusion all these years, I do not want more and also I'll end my partnership with you because they do not want to see the caresses Sesshoumaru gives Kiara.
  - I understand your position, then take it if you change your mind.
  - What is it?
  - It's a love potion, if Sesshoumaru drink a single drop of this potion when he looked, you will see a picture of Kiara and he will love you, he'll forget that Kiara will be dead and believe in the illusion that is before his eyes .
 - Thanks, but maybe another time, goodbye.
  - Goodbye, dear friend.

   Days passed, and always in the middle of the night, desperate and Kiara woke up with the sight of blood, until Sesshoumaru remembered the decoration that was in the room.
  "So that's it ... Kiara got this way after this decoration being in the room, if I remove it, maybe my princess is cured." - Thought the youkai, walking toward the decoration and taking it out of the room. When you pick up the object in hand, smelled hallucinogenic poison, and threw him down, causing a large amount of poison watered the ground and then evaporate, revealing the smell of those who had prepared the poison.
  - Zirayne! Damn this woman, I will kill her this time, I can not forgive a second poisoning attempt ... Yasuhiko, my son stay with his mother, I have some scores to settle, not long.
   Sesshomaru began to sniff out traces of Zirayne and follow them until you find her house, where there, he went with his sword in his right hand Tokijin, enraged.
  - What do I owe this honorable visit, Lord Sesshomaru?
  - Do not be naive, once again you tried to kill Kiara, is not it? For I have news for you, who will die will not be Kiara, but you, damn you!
   At the moment the demon would hit her with the sword, the purple-haired youkai interrupted.
  - If you do, you will never have a cure for his beloved Kiara.
  - What do you mean?
- Simple, I have hidden the potion that can save it and only I know where she is, if you kill me, will never have what you want.
  - Show me now where is that potion!
  - Sorry, but you have to guess, I would not be fair to reveal the location where the potion is.
 Mercilessly, Sesshoumaru struck the heart of Zirayne and began searching the shelves for the potion, until you see a lock out and saw a key in the neck of the demon dead, who served in the lock, revealing salvation to Kiara.
  The demon did not have much time, so he ran back home and gave his wife a potion to drink. The liquid had no immediate action, but in the days that followed, the girl was healing and in three days, Kiara returned to normal.