Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

17- Yoshiaki Yumeda

  Dawned a beautiful day for the couple, because that was the anniversary of Kiara and therefore Sesshoumaru prepared a special meal for his wife, he got up early and got a tray of breakfast, along with a gift that he had purchased.
  Went upstairs and put the tray on the shelf and went over to get his wife and wake her, he kissed her lips and side of neck to succeed and see her open her eyes.
 - Good morning, my princess, happy birthday.
 - Thank you, dear, did not need all this, I know how you hate waking up early.
 - If to please the love of my life I am very happy to wake up early, especially since today is a special day. I bought something special for you ...
  Anxiously, the girl opened the package and was amazed at what was inside: a white kimono with a long, sharp sword, which was inside a black and gold sheath.
 - Toutousai did this to you, the name of the sword is nodachi.
  Kiara looked at Sesshomaru suspicious.
 - Toutousai on your own or did you send him to the sword?
 - Okay, I confess: I asked him to do this sword to you, because I want my princess has security and own a gun, his father told me that you always wanted a sword and know that you also fight very well, and Bakusaiga and Tokijin swords are not appropriate for you.
 - Why not?
 - All swords that I use are made from bones of Demons, it takes a lot of brute force to control their energy and you are still a delicate girl.
 - Brute force is what you have to spare, I am not surprised that their swords are like you. - Said the girl, with a mischievous smile on his face.
  The youkai hugged her and kissed her with warmth and gentleness, then said, placing the tray of coffee in the morning in bed, near his wife.
 - Now, girl, just take your coffee.
 - Okay, honey.

  They just take coffee together and left to wander, Kiara was using the gift that your loved one had given him, but a tour that was to be romantic, became disastrous.
 - Now who would say, Kishikawa Ryussen Kiara here? What a surprise! So I think this respectful gentleman is your husband, right?
 - Yoshiaki!
 - Do you remember me? Thanks, I feel important with this. By the way, Happy Birthday.
 - What do you want with my wife?
 - Sorry, I owe you satisfaction, my issue is with Miss Kiara.
 - This damn ... Because of him my mother died ... Do not worry, darling, everything will finish here, I'll be fine.
 - Kiara? What you gonna do? Come back here right away, girl!
 - I'll be fine, I can handle myself, dear. -Kiara replied, pulling the sword from the sheath and nodachi moving toward Yoshiaki.
 - Kiara! It youkai despaired when he saw his wife falling down and losing his sword.
   To avoid losing Kiara, the boy entered the fight and protect, as he fought strongly against Yoshiaki, Sesshomaru said:
 - Take your sword and get out of here! I will not allow this bastard touch a single finger on you.
 - But ...
 - I know this would be your job, but if it means losing you, I can not allow that to happen, sorry.
 - Sesshoumaru ...
 - Get out of here! -That distraction did Sesshomaru loses his sword, allowing Yoshiaki attack, which nearly reached Kiara.
   Quickly, the demon took his wife in his arms and jumped up.
 - Did you see what you did! -He said, enraged.
 - Excuse me, is that ...
 - Stubborn! I said it was for you to leave!
 - I would not leave you alone here!
 - If you do not want to go, then, at least, would leave the place! With this its sluggishness, we almost died! That's what you wanted?
 - Do not be angry with me, just as you did not want me hurt me, I do not want you to get hurt. -She said, weeping to see that her husband was really angry.
  The boy looked at the girl, who was almost crying and said, covering her with his skin still on top:
 - Forgive me, dear, I did it on purpose, I just want to take care of a person who means a lot to me, I'm not angry with you, could never do that.
 - It's okay, my prince.
  Sesshomaru smiled and felt the presence of another attack, he put on the floor and left Kiara Yoshiaki hit him brutally.
 - Sesshoumaru!
  The girl screamed and ran dreção her husband, who was badly wounded and weak, Yoshiaki creating opportunity for escape.
 - Yoshiaki! You'll pay for it! - Kiara cried, weeping.
  To calm his wife, Sesshomaru hugged and leaned her head against his chest.
 - I'm OK, honey, do not worry.
 - Why did you do that? You knew he was going to attack you, why did you leave?
 - Why else would he hurt you.
 - I'll take care of you here until his injuries improve and you can go home.
 - Sorry to spoil your happiness, my princess, if I knew ...
   Gently kiss the girl and the husband leans her head back against his chest.
 - You protected me, and it matters to me, dear. I love you ...
 - I love you too, my beloved and beautiful princess.
   The couple was in the woods for a few hours, until Sesshoumaru able to walk and heal his wounds.