Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, June 18, 2012

6- The thrid child


 10 months after the marriage of Vitani with Takashi, Kiara was expecting another child of Sesshoumaru, who made him happy again, because they knew that this baby would be special, so was named the favorite of the family even before nacser.
 Every night, the child received the affection of the father, for, while Kiara slept, Sesshoumaru was late at night stroking the belly of his wife and feeling the movements of your baby.

 Then in one night ...

 - Calm yourself, father, all will end well, do not worry, Mom and baby are strong too.
 - It's A Girl! - Exclaimed Inukimi with the baby in her arms wrapped in a white blanket, congratulations!
 The demon smiled cheerfully, with a tear of happiness in his eyes as he contemplated his first daughter, who was named Akira. Yasuhiko is also very welcomed as it would have a little sister to take care.

 All the love of her parents resulted in a beautiful 18 year old girl with long black hair and brown eyes, polite and gentle, but he liked to send and receive their fear of people, characteristics inherited from his father, who were completmente remarkable and, therefore, some boys were afraid to come closer to Akira, which made her a little upset, because behind that imposing image, was a loving and nice girl, like her mother.
 Only one man had the courage to talk to the girl besides Sesshoumaru, his name was Yamine Hayato, a young boy of 19 years, since his teens, was a close friend of Akira, and for this reason, it became very attached to it.

 One morning in autumn, Hayato entered in the room of  Akira and left a note on her mirror, with a small gift box in the bed. Upon returning from the kitchen, she saw this and opened it, being amazed at its contents: a silver ring with amethyst, which shone magnificently, Akira charming and making it look in the mirror, where there was a note saying "You accept dating with me ? ".
 The girl's heart quickened, for she knew who the author of the ticket and ran down the stairs to meet her lover, eager to throw herself into his arms.
 -I agree, my love! I love you too!
 - I'm glad to hear it ... -Hayato replied, embracing his new girlfriend, with a bright smile on her face, our love will be eternal and immortal.