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Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, June 29, 2012

18- A older brother

    A few days after the first clash against Yoshiaki, a note appears in the bedroom, which was written in blood: "start counting his days, Kiara."
  With this, Sesshoumaru has further strengthened the guard of the castle and forbade any stranger to enter the castle, unless the relatives of Kiara and also prohibited the departure of his wife's castle, keeping her locked up all day without being able to go for a walk or get some fresh air in the garden.
  Knowing what had happened, Kagemaki went to visit his daughter every day, so she would not feel alone.
  Even with the love of her husband and caring father, Kiara was sad, because all of her routine had changed overnight abruptly because her life was now threatened until the day she finished with the enemy.

  Even with all the security, tickets appeared from time to time, bringing even more severe threats and terrible; Sesshomaru did not know what to do to reassure his wife, because just as Yoshiaki put the tickets in the room, he could also kill the girl while she slept. Kiara moved out, but to no avail, the enemy followed by the smell.
  For completeness, the girl was still pregnant and give birth to one month from now and then she died one month later, because the poison Kabawashi gave her.
  The demon had no choice but to protect it until the day of her death.

  A month has passed and the baby was born, another girl, who was named Nishihara.
  Once the baby was born, Kiara Sesshomaru asked to withdraw all the extra security that he had placed.
 - Kiara, you're fragile, I can not take custody, Yoshiaki come to kill you, it is better to leave things the way they are.
 - Now that Nishihara was born, but it is not necessary, Sesshomaru is my duty to defeat Yoshiaki and finish what my mother began, moreover, Nishihara will be my replacement in the future. Please remove the guard.
  At that time, Kagemaki entered the room and said to her daughter:
 - Before making this decision, know that you're fighting someone in our family, Kiara, is not just anybody.
 - How so? What is it then, father? Is someone near the family?
 - Yes, very close.
 - So tell me, Daddy, what is it?
 - You do not need to know that, his mother wanted to tell you, but I will not perform that desire it, sorry.
 - Please, Father, if this was the wish of my mother, please tell me so I can fight with a clean conscience, without regret later.
 - This will hinder your performance, I can not tell you and do not insist, my daughter.
 - My love, you know what?
  Sesshoumaru can not lie and nodded, but sided with Kagemaki.
 - Your father is right, there will be good to know that you forget, please, my princess, this will have no value.
 - Of course it's useless! I will fight against this person, and would be better for me to know who I'm fighting against, even if you do not know why, just tell me who this person is.
 - Kiara, forget it, please.
 - Do not forget! I want to know who is not hand it!
  Kagemaki and Sesshomaru looked at each other and decided to tell the girl who was that man after all.
 - Well, since you insist ... Are you sure you want to know?
 - Yes, Dad, I will not give it up, you can talk.
 - Alright ... Yoshiaki ... He is ... Her older brother.
   Kiara down a cup of tea that was taking the floor and remained silent for several minutes, looking for her father and Sesshomaru.
 - We told you it would be too strong for you.
 - No, it's okay, Dad, I will still fight, but to me it will be hard to face him as an enemy.
  - You should not weaken, Kiara, he wants it from you in order to kill her and to be able to kill Nishihara.
 - Then I'll have to fight anyway.
   At that time, Yoshiaki entered the castle and stayed in room window Nishihara, listening to everything and being watched by eyes Kagemaki.
 - What a beautiful girl! It is a pity that this baby will have to die too, is an unfortunate loss, do not you, Kiara?
 - Damn! Get out now!
 - As you wish, you'll be waiting in the garden, not too long, do not like waiting for people.
  Sesshomaru fell to Kiara fight while buying time to change and to put her daughter in a safe place. Before leaving to fight, she bade farewell to Kagemaki and her children, not knowing whether she would live or not with that battle.
   When he went out, Yoshiaki was the first to lay eyes on her, she was wearing armor and a sword had nodachi hands.
 - Finally! But from what I see, well worth the wait ... Let's get this over with.
   The demon saw that his wife was ready, and soon retreated. Sad and worried, Sesshomaru kissed her softly, wishing her good luck.
   With fury, Yoshiaki started punches violent against it, he could not attack very often and asked, as he dodged the blows it:
 - Yoshiaki, you're my brother, because since I was little you want to kill me?
 - Because when our mother gave birth and you were born, she said the whole empire and all the powers it would be his, I heard her talking to our father about it and they would not leave me anything, so I thought that if I rid of you, it must be mine, since I am older.
 - Our father told me that they left him nothing because of his attitude, he said that you were very wicked and cruel, because of this, it would be mine, well, almost everything, since most of the powers of mommy's with you.
 - Even so, I will not rest until you do not die and Nishihara, too, because there will be no heirs and so everything is finally mine.
 - Yoshiaki, if I knew you were my brother, I would share everything with you, I would not be ganaciosa.
 - Shut up! - Yoshiaki shouted angrily and striking Kiara on the shoulder near the neck.
  No discussion followed after the coup, for the girl realized it would be useless to a peaceful conversation with him.
  When we finally reached the weakness of her brother, he crossed his sword in the chest Kiara, making both fall on the grass; Yoshiaki, who died and the girl, unconscious.
  The couple's children ran to see what had happened, as Kiara had screamed loudly. When they arrived in the garden, saw Sesshomaru in her lap, the girl was bleeding profusely and his eyes closed, which made the heirs get angry with their father, who had allowed such an injury.
  Seeing that no priest would heal his wife, the demon took her to the castle of his mother because he was sure that Kiara would be healed.
 - Yes, I can heal the girl, but there is a price.
 - What is that price? I do what it takes to be cured Kiara. Talk soon, please.
 - Well, she needs your energy youkai to live, so you have to give up being a demon and become a human forever.

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