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Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

3- The Conflict

The Conflict: Inu no Taishou vs Yasuhiko
  16 years have passed and the young Yasuhiko grows in secret from his grandfather, Inu no Taishou for all this time. However, when it decides to visit his son Sesshoumaru, and wife of youkai  Kiara, it surprises to see his grandson in Yasuhiko garden with your child.
  -Sesshomaru, then this is your son? - Inu no Taishou questions, analyzing Yasuhiko up and down.
  Yes, my father, this is Yasuhiko, his grandson, my son and Kiara. -Replied the demon, gesturing to his son chamaar.
 -Why do not you tell me about it, Sesshomaru?
 -Yasuhiko, go inside with his Mother-Sesshomaru says his son, obeys the same but used to listen to the discussion. - I did not tell because I knew you would not admit him as a grandson, I am very proud of my son, if want to do with it what he did with Sloan, his other grandson do it, I do not care!
 -I'm surprised it has managed to hide it from me all these years, but never count on me to create it, I was clear Sesshomaru? That kid will die tomorrow by my own hands, enjoy the time you have left to stay with your child.
 Thus, Inu no Taishou and Yasuhiko gone out to talk to his father:
 - Father, why all this? Why all this discussion? As this will result?
 - I honestly do not know, let's get my son ... - Sesshoumaru affectionately said for his son.
 Were inside the house and at the end of dinner, Kiara, who had gone to say good night to his son, asked her husband, who was on the balcony of the bedroom window looking at the stars and the crescent moon in the sky:
 - What happened, honey? What happened out there?
 - My father came, and seeing our son in the garden, turned him down and swore death, Yasuhiko will be dead tomorrow.
 After answering  wife`s question, Sesshoumaru hugs, kisses her and was stroking his face to try to forget the agony that gripped his heart.
 The next day, Inu no Taishou and appears before murdering her grandson, will talk with his daughter, who says:
- Inu no Taishou, please understand, Yasuhiko not to blame for being in the world, but since he is here, consider it, after all, he is the son of his son, think of Sesshomaru and me as we would have our son die, if something happens to our child.
-I do not know your feelings, if it depended on me, that boy would have died shortly after birth! - Inu no Taishou said, slapping the face of Kiara
Seeing what happened, Sesshomaru and Yasuhiko, down stairs to respond quickly to the girl. Yasuhiko, after seeing the wound in the face of his mother, his paternal grandfather attacks fiercely, shouting:
- Miserable, who you think is to beat my mother that way?! Coward, get someone your own size, not a woman and on top man!
-I think I am the father of your father and you have no authority to go out fighting me like that, you are not worthy of fighting me Yasuhiko, nor ever will.
Thus, the fight is over, Inu no Taishou smiled, for he had noticed that Yasuhiko had the courage and cunning when it came to protecting his family. Happy and proud, he told his grandson:
- You showed the family, my grandson, what you did for your mother is worthy of my gratitude.
All rejoiced greatly and so the years went merrily.