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Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

10- Fragile baby


    Afters he cured herself of hallucinations, Kiara was again giving birth to another son of Sesshoumaru, a new girl, who was called Miyuki, it was identical to the mother.
   When he was taking the girl to see youkai, Inukimi gave him a severe scolding:
  - That love of her husband eh, Sesshomaru? His wife barely healed and you're back in action is not? Wants to kill her?
  - Of course not, Kiara is everything to me, why are you talking about, mother?
  - Poor Kiara has suffered much for this girl born by little, she did not.
  - How is she? - The boy asked, worried.
  - You are recovering, but still weak, do not know if you know but babies Demons energy-hungry mother, and if it is weak, there are great risks she died, you know that?
  - No, I did not know ... Kiara is able to entertain?
  - Yes it is. -Inukimi snapped.
  Sesshomaru ignored the harshness of his mother and went to see his wife's room, which was sitting in bed drinking a cup of tea. Seeing his daughter in the arms of her husband, she was enchanted by the delicacy of her baby, who was sleeping peacefully wrapped in a pink blanket.
  - Let me hold our little girl, my prince.
  - Here, take it.
  Despite being quiet in his father's lap, Miyuki felt comfortable and safe in his mother's lap, as clearly reflected her image.