Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

1-Princess Kiara

Princess Kiara
   Sesshomaru walked quietly to the lakeside forest at the time when he smelled blood. He decided to follow the trail of blood and the smell of the injured and saw a girl, Princess Kiara. Upon reaching the place, Jaken and Rin see the bloodied body of the young fallen to the ground.
  Forgiveness-milord Sesshoumaru, but, you know her? - Jaken asks, afraid
  Daughter of the governing these lands: Kagemaki, the most powerful of all human realms ...
  Before Sesshoumaru had finished speaking, Kiara awakes a little scared:
  Who are you? Where am I? Oo what happened?-Ask the young youkai-His bold! Put me down now!
  -I was surprised that with all these injuries can still regain consciousness, says Sesshomaru-You are not holding or keep your eyes open, as he will stand up under these conditions, girl? Stop being stubborn and proud and let me carry her to the palace of my mother, she will fix these injuries. Damn it! She passed out again ... Come on!
  Yes, sir. - Responded Rin and Jaken
  As they walked to the palace of Arina-Hime, the mother of  Sesshoumaru, the demon is struck by the sweetness and delicacy of the princess, "I never saw a girl with so much sweetness in her face before ... How beautiful ... But what happens to me? What is this feeling that makes me want to hug her tightly and kiss her? Am I in love with a human? For someone of an inferior race? " The demon did not realize, but what was stirring in his heart was the feeling of love, care and affection for the young, after all, Sesshomaru finally learned to love the truth after all this time?
   Arriving at the palace of his mother, Arina is surprised by that magnificent scene: Sesshomaru was even carrying a young man in his arms with an air of love? It would be an illusion? Or is it really true?
  -What makes this girl in his arms? You, who hates humans do this? Am I dreaming my son?
  -Do not make me unnecessary questions, I came here with the intent you save this girl, Princess Kiara.
  You are unconscious, since when? Kagemaki daughter, am I right?
  -When I found the forest had awakened, ended fainting on the way ... Your situation is not good, can hardly speak or keep your eyes open, you can do something?
   By curing the young, Arina see an expression of joy on the face of your child, especially to see her awakening: black hair that went down to his waist, and sparkling brown eyes, pale skin and delicate wearing a white kimono with dragons embroidered with a gentle and mild voice that had conquered Sesshoumaru.
  -You again? What arrogance is all this boy? We do not even know we were, as had the courage to carry me on his lap so far?
   Sesshomaru did not answer any questions the young girl hugged her and gave her a kiss surroundings, which he took the breath of Kiara and that made it automatically deliver and reciprocate the kiss of the demon. Arina, Rin and Jaken enjoyed the scene with delight. The moment the boy stopped to kiss her but kept her involved in a big hug and said, "I love you, sweetness and gentleness made me fall in love with me you have to do that at all costs, if not die the desire to touch these delicate lips that I have gained even more, forgive me the lack of courtesy ... "
  -No need to apologize, after that kiss, you made my heart to stay warm and comfortable and, being so close to you is what matters to me now.
  They thanked the Arina and Kiara had been brought to the palace of his father. They explained the situation they were in and, without further ado, Kagemaki accepted. Prepared the wedding and thereafter continued to live happily in the palace of Sesshomaru in the eastern lands.