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Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, June 24, 2012

13- Sweet Daughter

Ratsune Arioto

   After Kiara returned to the castle of Sesshomaru, he began to be more affectionate and loving than before because I wanted to redeem himself from that painful betrayal.
  Time passed and the couple returned to look good, especially when the youngest was born, her little eyes were the color violet and brown hairs, the tips that had curled slightly as Ratsune (name given to the girl) growing up.
   Because it is a delicate and sweet baby, the youkai loved her very much, because, besides being his daughter, Kiara, and she joined him again, causing Akira to feel jealous, because even with the birth of Miyuki, the couple still cared about her.
  However, this envy was short-lived when Ratsune said her first word, Akira went on to have her as a treasure, because, since she learned to speak, Ratsune always called by his older sister and also by Yasuhiko Miyuki and .
  Later, also began to love her other brothers and change their fondness for them, and Akihiro Miyuki became the favorite of small and Akira Yasuhiko later and, finally, Shuyan and Takashi because he saw them less frequently.
  It has grown to become the most beautiful of the daughters of Sesshoumaru, becoming sweet, sweet and gentle with it, causing his father to be jealous. But still, eventually winning the heart of a young prince of the eastern lands: Koichi Kyoko, the son of a family of very friendly and Arioto Kishikawa. So, gradually, he was deeply in love, but initially received contempt Ratsune, who sat in the lap of mother or father's lap, always rejecting the affections of the boy.
   In adolescence, this feeling has changed because, after many years of convicência, she finally began to have a friendship with him.
  So the years passed quickly, further increasing the love of Koichi and creating a feeling in the heart of caring Ratsune, reveal that for some years after her beloved.

   And when the girl turned 20, he had a wife, was born a boy named Kenji Kyoko Arioto, the first grandson of Sesshomaru and Kiara. At first, the demon did not like the idea, but when the baby was born, grew to love the boy too, who learned to fight and became a skilled samurai, like his two grandfathers.