Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, June 17, 2012

4- Takashi, the second son

Takashi, the second son

   While Yasuhiko watched his parents   train with swords, he said, afraid:
  - Mom, Dad, can I ask you something?
  - Of course, my son, what you want? - Asked Kiara.
  - I wish I had a brother to divide the kingdom of the Father and to distract myself, usually have nothing to do here and not in the vicinity of the castle.
  Sesshomaru and Kiara stopped training and were facing the child, shocked. Worried, the girl decided to measure the temperature of the boy.
  - He is not sick. - She said to Sesshomaru, quietly, I think it's serious.
  - I think your proposal, do not complain of the consequences later, think it is really what you want, my son.
  Yasuhiko looked at him suspiciously and said:
  - Is that a yes?
  - Maybe one day ... We'll have dinner, then you will bathe and sleep, his mother and I have to talk about your order.
  After a good night for parents, Yasuhiko went to his room to sleep, and the couple was debating the idea of ​​giving a brother to their first child. They were discussing until late at night until they reached a conclusion, leaving the young youkai overjoyed.
  - Thanks, Dad! Thanks mom! Do you will not regret it, I'll help you guys take care of him.
  - Sure, baby, just can not guarantee that it will be a boy, but already ordered and will come in nine months.
  Nine months later, there was Sesshoumaru anxious awaiting the birth of her second child, who was also born a healthy boy and like his brother.
  The first to hold him in her arms was Yasuhiko, who was very happy to have a little brother with whom they entertain and play.