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Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, June 24, 2012

12- Forgive me

broken heart

  - I want to believe it, Sesshoumaru, I really wanted, but I can not, after what I heard there is no justification. My dad will pick me up daquia little.
  Dissatisfied, Sesshoumaru held hands with his wife and kissed her gently, making the stop to keep the kimono in the suitcase.
 - I do not want you to forgive me. Please recognize that I was the worst husband in the world not to distinguish the true from the false, but I'm sorry ... Kiara, I love you, do not wanna lose you.
 - I can not share you with another woman, if she was not pregnant I'd forgive you, but she's a child in her belly. Sorry, but I do not live in these conditions.
 - You would not have to share with her, I would be all his; Kabawashi can take care of that child alone, I do not care about her.
  The girl looked at the youkai horrified, for he saw that he cared only about having a woman beside him and not have a happy family.
 At that time, Kagemaki arrived to pick her up, ending the discussion of the couple in the room.
  Going down the stairs, looked Kabawashi Kiara and said angrily:
 - I hope you make good use of it, its disgraceful.
  Before leaving, the girl said goodbye to their children, and Akihiro Shuyan and went along with her mother.
  Buy from the mother, Miyuki said, crying and angry:
 - Are you happy now, Daddy? This is all your fault!
 - Miyuki, wait ... My daughter, I ...
  Sesshomaru did not have time to talk because Miyuki hit the door and locked it.
 - This is part father, Miyuki loved mommy. - Said Yasuhiko, who was the only one who spoke with the father as well as Akira.
 - Miyuki is really the mother image, the feelings of the two are equal.

  When evening came, Sesshoumaru missed his wife in bed, and Kiara also missed her husband, making them both think in the years they spent together and the happy times they lived.

  During the weeks of separation, the girl's face was deeply saddened and not fed properly. Fortunately, she had the company of her two children, which cheered a little different from Sesshomaru, who had in their day to day the sadness of Miyuki, and Akira Yasuhiko.

  In one night, while Kiara was on the balcony of his room, Sesshoumaru a surprise appearance, scaring the girl.
 - Sorry assusta' it, dear, I thought you had slept.
 - No, I'm no sleep ...
 - Are you okay? What happened to you? Looks like she gained a little ...
 - I do not put on weight, I'm actually ... well, you know.
 - Pregnant? Me?
 - Yes, that day when I heard your conversation with our son, I would tell you that I was expecting a baby her, but after that, I decided to say nothing ... It's a girl.
  The demon smiled and kissed his wife's belly, hugging her and giving her a passionate kiss then.
 - I can not stay without you, its smell is in every corner of this castle, including me, do not you get out of my head and now that I know of our new baby daughter, do not want to leave it alone, I want to monitor your pregnancy and do not want stay away from you, never ... Say you forgive me, say it gives me a chance, please, I'm seeing in his face that my absence will also hurt, forgive me, please, I beg ...
 - Yes, your absence makes me sick and I want you beside me again ... It would be petty and masochistic if not take him back in my life ... I love you, my Sesshoumaru.
  Sesshomaru smiled a big smile and bright, Kiara embracing even stronger and more kissing her passionately. And there were, exchanging caresses until the child falling asleep in his arms. With love, the youkai carried her to bed, but when I went to get away from her, she took his hand and said:
 - Stay with me, please, our baby and I no longer want to be without you.
 - Your wish is my command, princess, do not wanna be without you.
  He lay next to his wife, and beside her, fast asleep.

   During the night, Kagemaki came to see her daughter, but to realize that Sesshomaru was there was reassured, just entered the room to cover them and then left.

  When morning came, Kiara down to breakfast while her husband put the luggage in the carriage to take her back. In the end, decided back in the evening and, therefore, ordered Jaken took the bags of the children and wife to the castle and there leave everything tidy.


  By nightfall, they left and returned to the castle of the demon, where Kiara never left.