Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

7- Kiara`s kidnaped


  - Are you sure he will not see us?
  - If you keep quiet, it might go away ... This is our chance, let's go!
  Taking the chance that Sesshomaru had left to solve some problems, two senior boys, wearing black clothing entered the palace looking for Kiara, who was in the room, still sleeping. To ensure that she would not wake up and alert the guards, put a cloth soaked in poison ivy, making her faint.
  - Excellent! Our teacher will be pleased with us and reward us for sure.
  - I hope so, anyway, we had a lot of work to catch it. But what will he do with it?
  - It is not obvious? He wants to get her to become his wife, idiot!
  When crossing half of the front yard, both are faced with Sesshoumaru, who looked furious, with sword in hand Bakusaiga.
  - Where do you think that will go with my wife?
  - What do we do now, Yan? -Ken-whispered now, in fact, we will die!
  - Let's invent something, Yan said, also whispering, and then turned to Sesshoumaru-is that we had a little work to rescue the princess ... What was her name, Ken?
  - Princess ... Princess Mikyota ... Our boss told us to save her from a terrible demon wolf that had captured her ... By chance, would not you, right?
  - I think I made ​​a small mistake, my friends, this is not such Mikyota princess, this is Princess Kiara, my wife and I'm no demon wolf, am a demon dog. Now, try to leave my princess here and go away before I kill them!
  - Yes, sir ... -they-said ... we apologize for the confusion .. Excuse me ...


 When they went back into hiding, told what happened to the master, who angrily slapped the faces of the two, speaking firmly and low:
 -Imbeciles! You were too slow! But that's OK, soon I will go to Kiara in my possession ... Listen, you two, I have another plan for you to perform here three days.

 In these three days, Sesshoumaru orednou reinforced the guard and the movement of people in the castle was montorada and strictly controlled, to avoid another incident like that to confuse his wife with another girl.

  -You know what to do, then go right!
  - Always one has to take the risk of dying, it's not fair!
  -Quiet! Will soon distract them, but I myself will take charge of killing them!
  Ken and Yang  swallowed dry and were again run the risk of being caught and killed by Sesshomaru, luckily, were half-Demons and could run fast enough to escape the guards, but it may be too slow to escape from Sesshomaru
 - Hey! Ken! Did you know that is a fluffy white dot on top of the mountain?
 No, what is it?
 - It's Sesshomaru!
  Just at that moment, Sesshoumaru entered into the palace and back out, responding as he walked toward the two bold, sword in hand Bakusaiga:
 - And you know what they are crushed two blue dots on top of the mountain?
  Yan swallowed hard and said:
 - Are we us?
 - Exactly ... - the demon turned to the guards ... Behind them! Do not let them escape, will pay dearly for the joke!

 Taking advantage of all the excitement and there was no one to guard the entrance of the castle, was to Scar Sesshomaru's room, where Kiara was finishing to change.
  Without her noticing, Scar made ​​the girl fainted and left with her ​​in his arms, completely unaware, and when leaving, whistled, putting an end to the persecution they were suffering Yan and Ken.
  - Farewell, my friends!
  - Maybe one day we are not again?
  In a blink, they escaped, leaving Sesshomaru angrily again.
  -It's over, go back to their positions.
  Without knowing that he would find an unpleasant surprise, the demon entered the room, ready to embrace his wife, but can not find.
  - Kiara! Where are you? That's not funny, my dear, come soon, please. - Said the boy, desperately looking for Kiara.
  In a failed attempt, he returned to the room, but could not find, therefore, recruited the most skilled guards, including Yasuhiko to find the young girl.
  Meanwhile, in the fortress of Scar, Kiara had regained consciousness and struggled against the attempts of the villain trying to kiss her, shouting the name of Sesshomaru.
  -Scream all you want, my dear Kiara, her husband can not hear it now, stop playing for a faithful woman, you never go back to Sesshomaru, then I suggest you begin to adapt to me.
  - Never! Sesshoumaru will find me and I'll return to my home next to the man I always will, until then, will not let you touch a finger its on me, Scar!
 Scar laughed mood to hear what he had told Kiara.
  - From here three days, you will marry me, then forget about dealing with Sesshoumaru and his sons, from now, you'll be mine forever!
  -No! Sesshoumaru will find me, I have faith in him ...
 - Do not forbid to have faith, just want to alleviate their suffering ... If you want, go to your room ... decansar Ken Yan, leave her alone, she must accept the facts alone.

  A few hours later, Kiara is one of the windows open, and quickly jumps to the house near the source of Scar and runs silently in the forest, finding his way home, but she did not know that it was so dark that night because there was a very thick fog, making it impossible to see it everywhere he went, so got several injuries by body and her kimono was also ripped the sleeves and had a cut at the waist. The smell of her blood spread quickly through the forest, calling the attention of some hungry wolves, which advanced on her, which was rescued by Ken.
  -Ken! I. .. is ...-said, startled to see one of her kidnappers there.
  -Go on, hurry! I keep the wolves occupied until your blood be out of reach for them.
-But ...
- Hurry up! I do not support the idea of ​​Scar in forcing her to marry him, so I left a window open on purpose and I'm here helping you, Sesshoumaru should be worried, I'll be fine, now go!
  - Thank you, Ken! Sesshoumaru ask for reward you!
  -Good luck.
  Soon, Kiara resumed her run for a few miles but because of the loss of blood, fainted very close to home.

  It was very windy that night and the girl was still bleeding, bringing up his scent Sesshoumaru, which went desperately looking for her, sniffing the scent of blood from his wife.
   Fortunately, he found while Scar, causing a vicious fight between the two.
  -Idiot, thought he could come back with the help of Ken? Actually, she loves you, Sesshoumaru, otherwise it would not make such stupidity ...
  - Fold the language when referring to Kiara, you damned! I'll kill him for punishment to have kidnapped and injured my wife.
 - Accept the facts, it is not worthy of you, see: this stupidity out at night alone, the blood being spilled ... Sesshoumaru, being a demon, should be more judicious in their choices.
  -Shut up! -Sesshomaru shouted, advancing upon the enemy with Bakusaiga hands, injuring Scar on his face and hitting him a weak point: the neck, making out a ridiculous amount of blood.
  -Good job, youkai, but their problems because this girl will just start, and get ready for what comes.
  Saying this, Scar disappeared and in its place came Ken, who wanted to help Sesshomaru, but had Chago afternoon.
  - You again? happens to be trying to provoke me again? - asks Sesshoumaru with Kiara in his arms.
   -No, sir Sesshoumaru, I just wanted to check if his wife was fine, and now I see so ... With license and good night.

  The demon did not understand the reason for concern on his part, but did not care, just returned home with his wife.

The next morning, Kiara was healed and told everything that happened in last night, asking that her husband Ken reward him for saving his life.
  That's what made ​​Sesshoumaru, from that day, Ken and his brother, Yan, served as guards Sesshomaru high level, having a position of trust.
  At the risk of suffering punishment, the brothers were still some jokes of the demon dog, who came to accept them and create a long friendship, sincere and funny.