Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, November 1, 2012

17- The poison whoose can heal

  After that conversation, Sesshomaru felt a little more confidence in the priestess and therefore accompanied her back to where were the bodies of the two dead girls. He entered the hut still wet and dried by the fire, always contemplating the face of Kiara, who conveyed a serenity intense, causing the youkai lost hopes for a moment, but did not show. He saw that Midoriko was not in the cabin, but he could smell her nearest and deduced then that she would soon be returning.
  Soaking wet because of the rain fell incessantly, the priestess entered her house with a large portion of herbs hands. With them, made ​​some tea and offered a cup to the youkai, who was still awake. He accepted and realized when she made ​​her both girls inert drink the same tea., But with a reddish color.
-What are you doing? - He asked, noting that Midoriko preparing something more in a small vial.
- I need some of your blood, you allow me to reap a little of it?
- Yes, when you need to take the ... - He replied, extending the wrist so that the priestess reap his blood - but why do you need it?
- You vei up to here so I take care of the two, was not it? Well what I'm doing right now.

  Midoriko the stirred flask containing tea and blood Sesshoumaru, causing the liquid to stay dark red and placing two droplets antiduto lips of each.
- All that remains is to await the results that will emerge from today to tomorrow.