Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, November 9, 2012

01*Kuama Yoko & Renee Zakuro

  Without noticing, Kiara and Sesshoumaru were followed by the human world to the castle of the couple by the rebels youkai world of youkai, who hid in the woods a few yards from the castle youkai, disguising the smell of them among the tall eucalyptus trees and leafy .
- Yoko, when will we act? We can not stay here forever hidden, right?

- Of course not, you moron! The time you complain, help me to think of a plan!
- Now! I told you to recruit more youkai for this mission, but you did not hear me!
- Quiet Zakuro! I've said that we came here just to take Sesshoumaru the world that he left because of a stupid human to us and other youkai take revenge from him forever ...

 Both attackers were considering various plans to lure the youkai out, but none have been determined with certainty. The two fought insistently on that account, but soon hammered.
 The group leader was Yoko Kurama, a fox youkai and long white hair, the ears were similar to InuYasha: were high on the head and were triangular to capture sounds from a long distance. He was the smartest and therefore commanded the group in almost all occasions.
 The other was Renee Zakuro. Unlike Kurama, she was a wolf youkai and had long hair purple color. It was the most astute and commanded the group on tasks requiring speed and accuracy. Where can persuade Yoko below her plans and with very few exceptions it ceases to criticize fellow service.
 They did not get along very well, but then realized that the differences they had and the strength that these peculiarities had gone together to understand better since joining forces after Sesshoumaru abdicated the throne of youkai and humans to care for the priestess he fell in love: Kiara Ryussen Kishikawa, main subject of the wrath of the inhabitants of the world of youkai and easy target for revenge, besides being the main weakness of Sesshoumaru.