Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Prlogue- Start of End

Sesshoumaru was not content with happiness to see that Kiara was really alive. The youkai smiled, admired for her new look, he was in love again, but that passion was ardent and sincere, never ready to leave the heart of youkai. The priestess was happier because I knew I had made ​​a very important person happy for the rest of his life.
Come on though - Sesshoumaru said, holding the girl's hand tightly and leaving the house Midoriko - I am very grateful for what you did, Midoriko, I promise that I will reward you someday.
- Am I the orders, sir Sesshoumaru, I hope you and Miss Kiara are very happy.
- Thank you.

   When they went to the forest, Ichiro and Miyoko were waiting for the couple to return to the human world, so that will never go out there again, unless it was to reward the priestess Midoriko, taking the girl from the world of youkai and bringing her to the human world as well. However, before the portal was closed entirely, two youkai enter the human world, a fox and a wolf in order to avenge themselves on Sesshomaru because he abandoned the youkai because of any one human, a priestess and would soon Morreira him alone and embittered amid weak beings and, in their view, ridiculous, humans.