Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, November 10, 2012


-I have an idea! - Zakuro screamed, convinced - We kidnap Kiara overnight, because as we all know, it is the weakness of Sesshoumaru and he will inevitably despise her life.
- Okay - Kurama said, appreciating the plan - But who will kidnap the girl?
- Stop being stupid, Yoko! Of course, who am I going to do this, you happen to have any authority to do this?
- You know it's not, then I suggest you start acting as soon as possible.
- Yes, put the plan into practice tonight ... So start rehearsing your lines my companion ... already dusk, so we better start preparing now for the trap that we will prepare for Sesshoumaru.

  Soon after nightfall, the two youkai stood watching the steps that the couple were preparing to sleep. Kiara was already asleep, so it would be easy target for them. But Sesshoumaru stayed awake for a long time, causing observers almost lost hope. However, he fell asleep and slept deeply not very close to the priestess, facilitating the work of Renee, who upon seeing the lights out and silence reigned in the castle, put the plan into practice quickly. A piece of cotton soaked with a sleeping potion and placed in the nose of the girl so she would not wake up and do not spoil the plan. It took a while, but soon came out carrying Zakuro Kiara back, completely unconscious.
- Good job, Zakuro, now just wait for Sesshomaru tomorrow morning.
- And when he comes, I will have the human hostage and you talk about the war and threaten. With the girl in our power, it will obey us, I'm sure.

  And the laughter echoed through the forest of youkai, expressing a future evil and ambition to be held soon, and evil laughter sound that chills caused even more animals in the forest pergosos with such cruelty.