Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

08- The True Battle

 - Enough talk, Zakuro, we must strike now if we are to make our prince feel all our grief.
 Renee nodded and gave the signal to attack youkai and she attached and Yoko were enjoying the spectacle, for they knew that Sesshoumaru youkai would win easily. And so he did: with a single blow of the sword Tokijin called Soryuuha matade decimated most of the youkai who tried golpar Prince. The other half remaining, buckled and some fled and others were also killed by youkai, who strove to protect the little girl who was with him.
- It's okay, little one?

 She shook her head saying yes, and continued with his face hidden in the boy's chest, wincing best to not disrupt Sesshoumaru. He saw that the girl was okay, resumed the fight now against the two remaining youkai. Yoko was the first, thinking that it would be left to Zakuro fun, drew his weapon, a rose, harmless at first, making Renee laugh from afar. But Sesshomaru knew that something was coming rose and prepared to dodge; youkai's intuition was right, soon emerged a whip with thorns, agile movements and chased the boy everywhere he went.
- No use hiding, Sesshoumaru, you can find my whip, do not worry about the girl, I'll just kill you.

 While chasing the youkai with the whip, Kurama gave Zakuro signal to indicate the beginning of another evil plan in the human world.
- Now is the time, Zakuro, enjoy the moment and make the deal: Kiara mate while Sesshomaru is busy!

 When you hear that Yoko had said, Sesshomaru awoke all the rage within him that existed at that time and left his hideout to attack the fox youkai forward without fear of death, because the little girl finally realized that he needs freedom to get around and so it was quiet at the top of a tree waiting for the return of Sesshoumaru.