Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

09- Attack in Human`s World

  Once we went through the portal to the human world, Zakuro walked toward the castle Sesshoumaru, determined to find Kiara anyway. It was dark, but even so, she found the castle and entered an open window, hence the couple's room, but found no one to go looking for Kiara and left the castle silently as Mitsuo and Akihiro were taking care of the castle while the two others took care of the priestess.
 Zakuro was difficult to leave the castle and go to the garden, which was where the smell came from the princess, as the castle was huge and had many wards. However, he managed to get out, but made a little noise when you open the front door, drawing attention from Mitsuo, who kept guard around and started to get closer.

 Meanwhile in the garden until the situation was quiet Yasuhiko smell Renee and alert Nishihara, who kept his eyes wide open to any shade. Suddenly there was a noise of shooting an arrow toward the north, exactly where Zakuro was hidden. However, the arrow only grazed her right arm and she started to run from one side to the other until you find a chance to attack Kiara.
 Leveraging that Nishihara back was turned, the wolf youkai attacked Kishikawa priestess with her sword, but the blow was stopped by two factors: first, because Yasuhiko have intercepted the blow with his sword and another because Kiara created a barrier protection around her at the time, despite being unconscious her soul in prayer she made.
- Damn! You will then be the first to die after Sesshoumaru!
- What did you say, you bitch? You killed my father?
- No, but he should be killed by the blow of Kurama at this hour ... Now die!

 Thus, Yasuhiko and Renee fought a fierce battle for a while, and the boy fell to the ground and Nishihara saved her brother by little. With this, Zakuro rebelled and began to fight the two brothers at once, thinking they have a chance to attack Kiara, but the brothers took turns near the priestess, preventing any possibility of attack the invader.
 However, a voice echoed through the garden to get Yasuhiko and Nishihara.
- My dear children, let that Zakuro do whatever you want, the important thing is that your father is alive and strong fighting Yoko. Do not worry, I'll be fine, thanks for the protection you have given me so far ...