Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

16. Midoriko`s confession

 Before the battle is prolonged, Ichiro stopped the fight between the priestess and youkai, saying briskly;
- Stop! We did not come here to fight, but for the two people in which this youkai and I love to return to life, so that our lives may be illumined by joy again. Please Midoriko Miss, I ask this humble favor.

 Sesshoumaru soon resumed reason and agreed with his friend, so put the sword back in the sheath, regaining serenity on his face, as if that battle had not happened. He cleared his throat and even upset, he apologized for the rude way he treated as a priestess and explained every detail of onho he had had a few nights ago it to the priestess, who understood the reason for a human, a half-youkai and another human being in that place ; Midoriko welcomed both at her house and tried to take care of the bodies of the two priestesses, whose bodies were beginning to decompose.
- It will not be an easy job - admitted Midoriko, carefully analyzing the situation of each of them - will be difficult to ensure that the oldest of them live again, however, the newest revive, that's for sure.

 The youkai was disconsolate and went outside, where it was starting to rain heavily. He clenched his teeth hard not to cry any and struck a tree, causing it to fall in a split second by the violence of the blow. "Kiara, why are you doing this to me? It is not the first time I was in complete despair, longing for your life, you know I loved nunva and will not love another human like you, then why, why?" the youkai thought, hurt, but not demonstrate that the external appearance.
 Midoriko went in search of the boy immortal dense that storm for a few miles until you find a tree that had been felled by him and soon learned that a few meters ahead, find Sesshoumaru. And actually met him, he was sitting on the edge of a lake, reflecting deeply as the rain fell. His eyes were closed, so we could not see who was approaching and the smell of rain mingled smell of youkai, though something of the smell of her blood came to his sensitive nose, leaving him in doubt. But to hear the voice of the girl who was getting closer, he quickly recognized the person.
- Sesshoumaru? What are you doing here in this rain? Why did you leave my house so suddenly when I said that one could not revive? One you love? Is it? Please answer me, I just want to help.
- I love both unconditionally - Sesshoumaru said, without opening his eyes - the youngest is my daughter, Miyoko, the oldest is my wife, Kiara.
- I understand ... Kiara loves you too, right? So you went out that way.

 Sesshomaru did not answer, but the priestess said he understood what she said before and tried to comfort him, saying:
- But at least Miyoko will be alive to keep you company ... And when I said that, it is not sure that Kiara will not revive, is only a hypothesis, have faith in her life and certainly everything will be alright.
- How can you be so sure? Midoriko, you do not know what I'm going through ... Kiara's health was always delicate and it always worried me.
- Yes, I understand you, Sesshomaru.
- Really? - The youkai opened his eyes slowly to face the priestess - How can I trust it?

 The priestess sighed and got a few seconds without speaking, however, decided to reveal a deep secret of her youkai.
- I'll tell you one thing, it was to be a secret, but I'll indulge: ha'muito time ago, before I became a priestess, I lived for some time with a wolf youkai, his name was Kouga doi and we lived in harmony and happiness in the human world. However, the family of yozorou fell ill and he had to rule the lands in the world of youkai consequently this world and he left me for three years, when I found the portal to the world of youkai alone and received the powers of a priestess of my mother. We live together again, but Kouga also fell ill and along with his family, he also died. Since then, I stand here alone and with an incomplete love in my heart.
- I'm sorry for you and your husband, but that still does not change my life for the anguish of my Kiara.