Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

02. Notice

The next morning, InuKimi decided to go to the home of the ancient seer and managed a large and important information, but she knew she could not do anything about it. He decided to talk privately with Kiara on the same day.
- InuKimi you sure? If this was indeed happening, Sesshoumaru would have changed his behavior, do you agree?
- Maybe, but he can control it very well for not only hurt you, Kiara. Pay more attention to him and you'll see that something is about to happen.
- But what can we do to help him?
- Nothing. I'm warning you to prevent and treat it a little more.

  Before Kiara answer InuKimi left, trying to control the tears that insisted on leave from her eyes. The priestess saw the sadness of her mother and began to be more careful with the youkai, so he did not suffer much when what was supposed to happen a reality.
Soon, she relayed the news to her children, who also began to pay more attention to his father, avoiding any possible discussion or disagreement. But, contrary to popular belief, they came suddenly because Sesshoumaru knew the intelligence and did not want him to know what was coming, so the approach was slow and gradual.