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Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Conclusion: InuYoukai Victory

- You bastards! Even Sesshoumaru alive by the incompetence of Yoko, I'll kill him! But before this priestess will die!
  Before the sword hit Kiara Renee, Sesshoumaru's sword intercepted the blow and threw the sword away and gave her a trick on her, knocking her to the Bakusaiga sword pointed at her throat.
- Damn you, Zakuro, I would never allow my wife to be killed by a person of your level.
- Do not sing victory yet, Sesshoumaru, I have a trick up his sleeve yet.

  From inside the boot of her, Zakuro took a stick with a purple whip, throwing the sword in Sesshoumaru Kiara. To protect his wife, he turns his back to Renee and holds the sword, but the wolf youkai was smart and scratched his back mercilessly. The feirdas were intense, making Sesshoumaru scream of pain, thus making Kiara exit meditation and go back to reality.
- Sesshoumaru, honey, I'm sorry.
- It's okay, my princess, it is important that you are well ... Now go inside the castle, I'll take care of it yourself, do not worry.

  Knowing that the youkai was in a hurry, she just touched her lips at him for a few seconds, but enough that he regained much of his strength. More strengthened, he drew his sword and faced Tokijin Zakuro with two swords stronger than he had, managing to disarm her and planting the Bakusaiga her chest, putting an end to that battle meaningless.

  The little that remained along with Sesshoumaru was adopted by the couple and the other children were adopted by the villagers of the village. The portal between the two worlds was open permanently and youkai again rule the world of youkai too, but the youkai came under government eldest son: Yasuhiko, who married a priestess Midoriko.
  In the end, everything turned out well, but the climax of this story is still about to begin ...