Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

07- Silent Prayer

 Back in the human world, when I had spent two weeks just to castle of Sesshoumaru where Kiara was upset, thinking of her husband's life, praying in the garden since leaving the youkai, causing Yasuhiko ruled the kingdom meanwhile.
  Even thousands of miles away, she could feel the flame of life of the prince was still on. And that silent prayer as he fought Sesshoumaru protected as well as protected the girl who was with him. "Sesshoumaru, my love, I'll be praying for you always, no matter how long it takes for you to return, I'll be here throughout my life, if necessary, so be careful." - The girl thought, eyes closed and immersed in the spiritual world.

  However, what no one knew was that the little girl who was protecting the world Sesshoumaru youkai was the materialization of the prayers of a little girl Kiara human orphan and it would have a happy destination for some time.
  Yasuhiko and Akihiro were concerned with their mother, because two weeks ago the girl was kneeling in prayer, without eating or drinking anything exposed to any danger besides being exposed to the cold, since begun to snow, heralding the arrival of a harsh winter. Knowing that they could not stop the current state of Kiara, they began to think of a plan.
- Akihiro, we can not let Mom be unprotected;'ll have to rotate during the day to make sure nothing happens to her.
- I agree, Yasuhiko because I could not stand that our mother was injured by something.

  Mitsuo Nishihara and heard the conversation of the brothers and set out to help, doing shift change every six hours. They would remain in pairs: Mitsuo and Akihiro would be the first double and Yasuhiko and Nishihara  the second would double, to ensure greater protection priestess who they loved.