Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

05- Back to Youkai World

 Soon it was time to leave for Sesshomaru fight, squeezing the heart of Kiara, who would rule the kingdom while for the youkai was away. Akihiro tried to convince his father to come along to fight, but he was unsuccessful.
- I appreciate the help, my son, but I want and need you to stay here to protect Aug, immense value, the person we love: Kiara.
- Okay, Dad, good luck.

  Sesshomaru did not answer, just smiled and turned into a giant dog to cross the border of youkai and humans, not knowing if he would return. But he remained steadfast, putting in his mind that everything would be alright.
  But while going through the portal with him were almost human, he saw Renee Zakuro was waiting for the boy and said, with a defiant:
- You idiot, I'm not like you. I keep my word and here I am, going through the portal to the world of youkai.
- We never know when a powerful youkai will fail, so I came confirm your presence in our world.

  The prince pretended not to hear and continued crossing the portal as Zakuro not there. From now on, the fate of youkai, was traced by uncertainty if he return home or not.