Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, November 10, 2012

03* Invited to Fight

  Before dawn, Sesshoumaru missed Kiara in the room and, after searching her throughout the castle, smelled her and another woman, a youkai and followed the tracks of the two by the end of the forest, where he saw a youkai fox and Kiara was just behind with a sword near the throat and immobilized by wolf youkai.
- Unhook my wife right now or I'll fucking her ...
- We're not afraid of threats, dog! If you try one more step whether the girl is going to die, you know?

  The youkai lowered his sword Bakusaiga and took a step away, without taking his eyes from his wife and youkai that kept her hostage. He was silent a few seconds and then asked:
- What do you want from me?
- We want you to return to rule the world of youkai, Sesshoumaru.
- Who are you? As you know that I left that place? Come, answer!

  Yoko Sesshoumaru approached slowly and touched the left shoulder of the youkai, saying with false disappointment in his voice and facial expressions.
- It's a pity you do not remember us ... Yoko Kurama'm Renee and she is Zakuro. We were both the most faithful you had, sir Sesshoumaru was an unfortunate loss you abdicate the throne because of that girl.
- I should have recognized you ... Yes, I realize that you were so faithful to me, but I'm not going back there. I'm sorry.
- So we have some options for you, your majesty: - Renee interrupted gently - you can return to reign and Kiara looks good, or you can deny and girl die here and now or you can fight all subjects that you left and secure the priestess ...
- We are waiting for your decision, sir Sesshoumaru, what you choose.

  Sesshoumaru looked at Kiara and said, loud and clear voice:
- Release my wife, I will fight you.