Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Final: Living Again

  And so Sesshoumaru waited and waited anxiously for the vital signs of Kiara and Miyoko. Every second youkai's heart beat ever stronger, with a huge hunger for love by awakening if she loved him nothing reliving hurt her again, even for this, the youkai had to lose their lives to do so.
  Miyoko was beginning to awaken calling the groom, Ichiro, who was awake and ran to her side, holding the girl's hand, which was still weak.
- Ichiro ... I.. Sorry for myself I have not released, is that ...

  Ichiro Miyoko silenced with a sweet kiss and warm and hugged the priestess. "I love you, I love you, my precious and beautiful priestess." he spoke with the girl in his arms outside the hut Midoriko, gazing at the sky with great happiness.

  While Ichiro and Miyoko were in the forest, Sesshoumaru stood beside Kiara permanently with no intention of leaving. No sign of her life was on display and it brought a deep depression for youkai, which could only be relieved by the return of the girl. He closed his eyes and brought the girl's body close to his chest, relieving pain and longing from losing a loved one.
- My lovely Kiara, I needed both of you here with me ... - He sighed, hurt.

  Until the girl opened her eyes, completely different, but cheering Sesshomaru forever.
- Honey, I'm here for you again, do not worry.