Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

10- Yoko Lose

- That idiot's Yoko! - Renee said, furious - I knew I should never have trusted him! But I'm going to finish what he started soon, so all die here!
- Give up, Zakuro! You can never beat us, so wait for the end!
- Shut up, you stupid youkai!

  And the battle continued, but let's see what's happening in the world of youkai ...
- Meido Zanguetsuha!
"He's stronger with every blow, I must be careful with it ..." - Yoko thought, dodging the blows of Sesshoumaru.

  Wordlessly, Prince desferia violent blows and powerful, but he soon decided to become as dog demon, Kurama panicking and causing it ran frightened into hiding, but without success; Sesshoumaru dug his fangs in his Yoko left leg, causing him to fall on the grass and screamed in pain, not realizing that his end was near.
  Sesshoumaru red eyes sparkled and he soon attacked, slashing the body of the fox youkai in seconds.

- It's over - said the dog youkai, since in his normal form, returning to pick up the little girl that was in the tree, waiting for him to return. - It's okay now, you can go home, little one.
- I have no home ...
- So, what's your name?
- Sakura Minamoto.
- You would like to live in the human world with me and my wife Kiara?
- Yes! Yes! but what about my friends? They will stay here?
- No, I'm taking them too, I'm sure the villagers of my kingdom will adopt them and will take good care of them. But first, a battle has to end ...