Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

04. Out of Control

 Seeing that Sesshoumaru's eyes were purple, Kiara cared and tried to help him but he was completely changed, it seemed that his feelings and reason were out of control. The priestess also knew that the youkai did not want to show it, because despite being more gentle and careful with humans, he was still proud, without allowing his weaknesses come to light so easily.
 Within a few seconds, he was completely changed, no longer remembered the love he had for humans and peacefully left the castle, leaving all his possessions in the human world for Kiara and his children. He was determined to return to the world of youkai and convince anyone to change their minds.
 Unsatisfied by losing her husband, the girl ran to the garden and held in the right hand of Sesshomaru, who released her abruptly, causing a scratch on her face and said, trying not to cry before him:
- Sesshoumaru, my love, please, wake up, you're out of control, let me help you, I love you, and I do not want to see you in this state.
- You are a stupid man, I do not know why I married you ... I'm leaving all that was mine to you: the castle, the land, the power ... What more do you want out of me? I have nothing to give you, now get out my face before I hurt Kiara.
- I'm not leaving until you tell me you'll stay here with our children and me, please, I want you to stay here, you are everything to me.

 Sesshoumaru was already enraged and did not think twice before using his whip to take Kiara light the way. The coup was accurate, lethal and only her scream echoed throughout the kingdom, again, the girl was dead, but this time at the hands of her own husband, which made this death even more painful for her.
 Desperate, Akihiro, Yasuhiko Nishihara and ran toward their parents.
- Dad, what happened to Mommy?

 The youkai did not answer; god back and kept walking, but Nishihara stopped the boy, now crying because she knew everything because of her spiritual power.
- I can not believe you did that, my dad ... My mother loved you very much and she just wanted to stay by your side and you had the cowardice to kill her? What kind of man are you? After that battle Renee, you were not the same anymore, we always loved you and this is the reward? From what I'm seeing you was not really understanding and caring man of truth. Leaving be controlled by a weak spell these ... What happened to you?
- Get out of my way Nishihara, that is, if you do not want to suffer the same fate Kiara ... I want you to know that I did a favor for you, so you can divide the inheritance faster and will have even more to govern.
- Cretin! I hate Sesshomaru!

 Yasuhiko said, looking at Sesshomaru:
- Come on, Nishihara, not worth the penalties discussed with this guy, he is not our real father, we wait for the real ... Mom takes priority now, let's take care of it.