Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, November 11, 2012

04* " I will pray for you "

 Brutally, Zakuro releases and Kiara pushes the girl to Sesshoumaru, taking the front of Yoko and telling the prince immortal:
- The choice is yours, your majesty. But then do not complain after being killed by the subjects which you rejected.
- You are mere youkai weak and disorganized, so for me it will not cost you anything to fight.
- That's what we'll see, Sesshoumaru-sama, we meet tomorrow on Lake Kawagushi the world of youkai at dawn. I hope you have the courage to appear, my lord.
- Do not underestimate me, Renee, you will pay for what he said ... - Turning to Kiara - Come, my princess, not worth keeping this discussion pointless.

  Once arrived at the castle, Kiara talked about Sesshoumaru battle he would face.
- Baby, please do not go, do not risk your life in vain, I love you and I could not bear if something happened to you.
  The youkai hugged the girl and put her head on his chest, stroking her hair constantly.
- I know I care, my dear princess, do not worry, I'll be back soon, I will not take, it's a promise.
- Honey ... I'll pray for you every day until you come back safe.

  Sesshomaru smiled and gently kissed her lips, spending the rest of the day with her.