Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, November 16, 2012

06- Marked for Death

 As usual, the portal opened the way to the house of the priestess Midoriko but Sesshoumaru saw he was cornered by several youkai who wanted revenge, among them were Zakuro and Yoko, as he expected. But when they attack, many of them dropped out because they could not raise any weapon against their prince, whether Sesshoumaru had abandoned them or not. Some of them were just kids who were threatened and therefore participated in the battle against the boy. Knelt down before the youkai and begged forgiveness from the prince.
- Please, Your Highness, we let influence, we did not want to hurt you, forgive us, we promise that any of this will happen again.
- Are forgiven, now get out of here before you get hurt, go to the home of Midoriko and say that I sent you go there because you will be safe. - Sesshoumaru's gaze was gentle and warm as he talked with the children.

 Because of the sweetness of youkai, one of the children hugged him, smiling and thanking. The prince returned the hug of a child. Realizing that the others also wanted to hug him, Sesshomaru bent down and opened his arms, allowing the other children if aconchegassem in the heat of his arms
- Now go, before you get hurt.

 Almost all children obeyed, except a little girl, who was still clinging to Sesshoumaru and apparently did not want to leave.
- My little - the youkai said, gently - now it's time for you to go.
 The girl began to cry, shaking his head would not get away from him. Realizing this, the youkai asked that other children were in front, and they were immediately obeyed, a little less that embraced him.
 Seeing no point forcing the girl to leave, she Sesshomaru wrapped his skin like a blanket that both his hands were free to fight.

 But Zakuro lost no opportunity to provoke the wrath of the youkai and youkai said to the others who were waiting to fight:
- Have you seen? The human world left the prince's heart Sesshoumaru kinder, even allowed that girl to stay cuddled him. Our prince would not have compassion for children, but he was weak due to humans. We should not pity him, he is contaminated by human feelings; Sesshoumaru deserves to die!
 The youkai screamed supporting the idea Renee and raised their weapons, marking Sesshoumaru to die soon.