Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

12. Miyoko`s Husband

- It's all over now, no more worrying about what ... Kiara, is everything okay? My love, what's wrong?
- Honey ... Midoriko's sword ... she ... not only crossed the body Miyoko ... But also ... my ... If ... Sesshou maru ... ...
 The girl did not finish her speech, for the injury that was the girl's chest was pouring the last drop of blood she had on her body, causing it to fall to the body beside the body of Miyoko, completely inert.

 Sesshomaru rushed to attend to his beloved that he tried to do something to help her. But it was too late, everything was perddo and neither priestesses back to life again to bring joy to his life again.

 However, a bright light appeared behind the youkai, was white and glittered grandly, that could be seen at a great distance from the castle. That light, left a handsome, blond, with blue eyes and white clothing, one of his eyes was covered by a band and he had a sword in the hands Kuramassa. Exactly: it was Ichiro, who had been freed from the sword forever.

- Thanks for helping to free me from the sword and I'm sorry about the death of Miss Kiara. I know this would not be a very appropriate, but I'd like to marry your daughter Miyoko today. - Oo until this moment, Ichiro had not realized that his fiancée was killed because her spirit had helped Sesshoumaru and it intervened in the uptake of the vital energy of her.
- I'm sorry to tell you this, but Miyoko is also dead. If she were alive, I would give my blessing to you.

 Ichiro was in a state of shock to see his future wife lying on the ground dead and bloodied he let a tear escorresse silently down his face, as the first woman he loved so much was now in another place, away from his hands and he knew that he would never again another woman as Miyoko nor never fall for another girl since.