Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, October 15, 2012

06. Dark Haven

 The days and nights passed quickly and soon Midoriko reached the age of sixteen, bringing that big and thick black cloud up the kingdom of Sesshoumaru, who could smell the poison that emanated from that cloud.
  - What is the real reason this cloud coming over here? Even more loaded with poison.

  Miyoko know why, but I was excited by the reaction of Sesshoumaru case count. Too scared, she shook her hand around the sword Kuramassa, causing Ichiro's voice echoed from inside and reached the ears subtly girl: "Go ahead, tell them. Never fear, I'm here with you. "
  Still, she hesitated, but took a deep breath and gathered the courage to tell him what was happening q everything she knew during that time. Different from what she expected, the youkai was not as angry as she thought and continued talking.

  - Well - said to Miyoko Sesshoumaru harshly - since you omitted the fact of us during this time, it's up to you to defeat it alone, I will not intervene in your favor.
  - Okay, since this is how I will, but do not blame yourself for losing a daughter. Oh, sure, what difference does it make to you, you have so many other girls who will be losing a one favor I'll do.

  With that, she left the room and looked at Sesshoumaru Kiara severely. The youkai did not answer, just stood pondering what had previously said Miyoko, giving great importance to what she had just said because she did not know, but after Miyuki, she was the weakest of all the girls so far .