Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, October 5, 2012

16- The Sacrifice of Saori

 Once resumed his forces, Sesshoumaru pasou fighting bravely against Hades in order to protect and Kiara revenge for all the evil he had caused her.
- Do not be naive, youkai, not because she regained the reason you will get beat me.
- Because I believe that I will win, whatever the cost, even for that I have to die too.
- This I want to see with my eyes prórios - Hades sneered, fighting back every attack Sesshoumaru.

  The youkai had no compassion of the god of the underworld and soon began to gain a force to which even he could tell where it came from. Would someone help? It would be the simple fact Kiara have remembered all over again? He could not say it right, however, managed to disarm Hades for the first time, creating a great opportunity to eliminate him once and for all.
  When Saori saw that her biological father was about to be eliminated, she jumped out the window and stood in front of Hades, causing Sesshoumaru's sword went through her ​​chest, allowing her to speak only one thing:
- Hades, my father, I love you, even though you have despised me all these years ...

  And so, in the arms of Hades, the girl died, smiling for saying something she always wanted to say to her father. Touched, Hades carried the girl on his lap and gave ace back to Sesshoumaru, saying:
- By the sacrifice of my daughter, I'll leave you alone, but I'll be back to finish what we started, Sesshoumaru, never forget that.
- I'll be waiting for the end of our battle, until then, will strengthen me to be with my power above his.
- I doubt that very much, but it will be fun to keep fighting against someone who is allowed to change sake. We'll see who you really are.