Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

15- Kiara Remember

  Even weak, Kiara could hear the fight between Sesshoumaru and Hades, as a result bringing her despair, she wanted more than anything to solve it all at once. However, she does not remember anything, and it made her even more upset.
- Mom, please, it's not good for your health intervene in that fight.
- But that youkai are fighting for me and I can not afford it.

  One way or another, Kiara tried to stand but could not. The sound of each blade swords brought her desperation and fear of losing the person he knew she loved. Therefore the soul of Shimiku, her mother appeared, giving her the strength to stand up once again to protect those who loved Kiara. Saori, not knowing who was Shimiku, understood that this person was to bring strength to her mother, so that helped in might.
  Having support from two people close, Kiara felt stronger and went to the window, where he could clearly see where the man loved fighting Hades; Sesshoumaru was wounded and weak, almost giving himself to death when she screamed his name.
- Sesshoumaru! - When she cried, all her memories returned, allowing her to help her husband at the time - my dear, do not give up! I'm here. Thank you for being faithful in all that time, for your kindness and for your patience, above all that you always have loved me regardless of the circumstances, without you I would not be a whole person without you I am nothing, for so do not leave me, I love you, my youkai.

  Those words brought forces to the youkai quickly, for he knew that Kiara had recovered the memory through a telepathic signal sent by Saori. With that, he had a reason to fight again and to stay alive.