Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

02. Darkness

 Years passed: one year, two years, three years and so on until Miyoko reached fiveteen, becoming a beautiful girl and started to become a high priestess. She did not know, but Kiara saw in her something that had only Shimiku: an immense spiritual brilliance that brought peace and harmony wherever she went. Her power was so great that, if she touched some dead flowers, Miyoko was able to revive them instantly. Also was able to heal the wounds of animals because she had a puppy named Hatchiko, that puppy was still so always hurt and the girl always healed.
 But on any given night, Miyoko felt something different, as if a dark cloud was approaching the castle and was an energy emanating all heavy and cumbersome, making the girl feel weak, but feeling that her heart was full of agony . But neither Kiara nor Nishihara felt the same as the girl felt, the only one who understood her feelings Hatchiko was that scared, jumped on his owner's lap and stayed there, looking like a ball.
- Hatchiko, do not be afraid, no one will hurt you, so calm down my baby.

 With this, the dog lifted his head and licked the face of Miyoko, taking a short smile on her face. Without arousing suspicion, she quietly left the room so that her parents did not wake up. To have remained silent, she took Hatchiko with it, lest it not Latisse and woke Sesshoumaru. But the silence did not last long, seeing a flash, the dog barked, loudly and noisily repeatedly.
- Be quiet Hatchiko! Please except my dad will wake up!
- And why do you not want me to wake up, Miyoko? What would you do at this hour?
- No, father, I would take a glass of water.
- Do not lie to me, young lady, Hatchiko latiria if not why. And it was not because of lightning. That dog and I have a direct link, you forgot? So tell me what happened.
- Okay, I confess: I was going to the room of you because I was afraid of lightning and thunder ... Satisfied now?
- Why did not you say so? Come on, I think we have a trailing space ... but Hatchiko gets out of bed.
- Okay, thanks, Dad.

 The lie worked for a little girl, because almost Sesshoumaru could get the truth out of her. Miyoko not only told the family not to despair in a moment so happy: the arrival of another baby in the family.