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Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, October 27, 2012

15. Sacred War-Sesshoumaru x Midoriko

  While Sesshomaru and Ichiro crossed the shortcut ever closer to Mount Hakurei and priestess, who said he was able to bring everyone back to life. It was no doubt because she was the only human in the world of youkai and that meant she was a prey vulnerable to youkai that could kill her without hesitation.
- Finally we arrive, there is the abode of Midoriko Yameda, the priestess of youkai.
- Is it safe to take risks?
- We will see what it is really.

  The youkai opened the door a crack house of the priestess, who unfortunately was not at the time because she had gone to collect some herbs in the field that was near to her house.
- Well, she's not. - Sesshoumaru said, frustrated - I think we'd better go away from here.
- Wait, Sesshoumaru, I'm seeing a woman coming here, and seems to be a priestess.

   And it really was Midoriko who approached slowly, with black hair loose and wearing armor that covered much of her body. On the left side of her waist was a long, sharp sword, sheathed it was fine. Seeing the youkai in the door of her hut, Midoriko drew his sword and began an arduous fight against Sesshomaru, who left Kiara's body rested on the floor, on the flowers.