Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, October 26, 2012

14. Youkai World

 The next morning we woke Sesshoumaru breathless because of the dream he had last night and told the details for Ichiro, who also cheered as the development of the narrative made by youkai and soon agreed to go with him to Mount Hakurei, which in other completely unknown place: the world of youkai, a peaceful little place where only the youkai live in complete disarray after Sesshoumaru ruler abdicated the throne of that world to live together with humans, causing some to turn against the youkai prince immortal and live in deep revolt because they were exchanged for Kiara, the great passion of youkai.
  Luckily, he knew where the portal there, but I felt indifference to think that would withstand the flattery of youkai he had abandoned, however, is not done with love and well-being of a loved one? Yeah, Sesshoumaru invoked the portal through Tenseiga and then entered the world of youkai Kiara carrying arms. Then came Ichiro, carrying Miyoko gently. At first it seemed a splendid place to live, but the young boy saw that there was a lot of blood and decomposing bodies of youkai, reaching the conclusion that the place really needed a leader who had a firm hand, as Sesshoumaru.
- Come here - Sesshoumaru whispered, in a secret shortcut - do not want those youkai rioters see me.

 Ichiro followed Sesshomaru, however, when they were halfway, the youkai more talkative, but what most venerated youkai dog crossed their path and immediately recognized the face of the prince who abandoned the kingdom of youkai and exclaimed with joy:
- Lord Sesshomaru! What a joy to see you again! What brings you back here? I already know, do not answer me: you will return to rule our kingdom, is not it?
- Kaijineru is not it, that is ...
- Is everything all right, sir - Kaijineru interrupted - I will not tell anybody anything you can rest assured, I will not spoil the surprise. Well, see you soon, my lord.

 With this, the bear youkai out of the way of Sesshoumaru with a long reverence, then disappeared into the vastness of the forest to the east.
- What a strange - Ichiro said, appalled at the situation - it was not for nothing that you left this place.
- Yes, this was one of the main reasons, after my love for Kiara. But we have no time to lose, we have to find Midoriko Yameda.