Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, October 13, 2012

04. Sweet Girl and Cold Woman

  Even knowing he should stay away from Midoriko, the young priestess Miyoko had charmed with the sweetness of the little girl, who never demonstrated any evidence of cruelty and soon, Miyoko began to question whether her younger sister would really princess of darkness ers who so feared.

- Do not be fooled pieces appearances, young Miyoko! That's the trick Midoriko, she pretends to be sweet and gentle as she depend on someone to survive. Later, when she grows up, she will be cold and cruel.
 - How do you know all this? How many years you're inside Kuramassa?
 - I'm here for a hundred years and has accompanied many young people in the battles they had against Midoriko. Fortunately, they all achieved victory, but they were weak and priestesses might just seal the princess of darkness for ten years each.
 - But you did not answer me why you're in this sword.
 - To be honest, it was my choice to be here ... Centuries ago, my fiancee and Midoriko was when we would get married, darkness took hold of her heart and she declared war on everyone who wanted to live in the light. I had no choice, so I fought against it, but Midoriko got stronger and nearly plunged the world into darkness. To save everyone, I tried a blow with my sword, Kuramassa, but failed, so I was trapped here ever since, seeking young strong and powerful that they can defeat Midoriko and release me from here.
 - I'm sorry about that ... It must have been a blow to you.
 - I admit I was, but I'm okay and I finally saw that Midoriko did not like me at the bottom of her heart ... But I trust you, therefore, decided to show up for you and not for your mother, Kiara. I saw the glint of Shimiku in you and I know you'll be better able to fight the psychological priestess of darkness.
 - I will not disappoint you, rest assured. But I'd like to know just one more thing about you: what is your name?

 The spirit of Kuramassa was silenced briefly as he thought about not replying, but, as I had told much of his life, so he decided to reveal his name.
 - My name is Ichiro Mikayazaki.

 Miyoko immediately recognize that name and who acknowledged that he was trapped in that sword was actually a prince, but was not impressed, but decided to help him break free, though he did not know and had never seen him. Thinking about it, she realized that her sister Midoriko, was already seven years old and soon would have awakened her true form, generating a great battle against the cold sweet girl and woman who would.