Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

11. Sacrifice

  Miyoko reacted instinctively to attack Midoriko, leaving Kuramassa be dominated by the sword, trusting in the spirit of Ichiro and giving her body to him. With that, she became faster and stronger and can fight the evil priestess facing and at the same power level.
 However, the maternal instinct Kiara spoke louder and she went down to the garden to take care of Miyoko and stop the fight between the two girls.
- My loves, please, stop fighting each other, it hurts my heart to see you both in this state.
- Mom! No! Midoriko, stop!

  Before the sword Midoriko pierced the chest of her mother, Miyoko stood in front of Kiara to protect her from certain death. Sesshoumaru was in place, but it had come too late. The only thing I could say the priestess before she died was that the instructions to the youkai could wield the sword to defeat Kuramassa Midoriko.
- Do not worry, my daughter, I will avenge you and keep the promise you made to the end. - He said, feeling his body be taken by the soul of Ichiro, who dominated every attack Sesshoumaru perfectly, as if he were the true owner of the youkai's body, having a point more than Midoriko. But there was one problem: the spiritual power he was little because he was a full youkai.

 Midoriko smiled cynically to the man who helped give life to her while deflected the blows of youkai, who managed to hit her two or three times by the low percentage of sacred energy within it.
 - You will never be able to beat me, the one who would have authority to do so is dead because of me and not be Kuramassa will ensure your victory, Sesshoumaru. You may be physically strong, but in proportion to spiritual power, you are weak; admit defeat, it's all over.
- Do not expect to win, even if I do not have enough spiritual power, I know I can beat you, because I feel the power of my little Miyoko on me and I feel her presence too. even if you've killed her, I know she will live again, now shut up.

 Sesshoumaru was fast and accurate with his blow, the attack was so fast and powerful that Midoriko failed to divert the time and when it came to himself, he was already on the ground, defeated, no time even to say a word.