Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, October 20, 2012

10. Sister x Sister

 Finally, the transformation was complete and Midoriko all powers returned to her place of origin. Her cat, black as pitch, called Senri appeared, causing the company to the princess of darkness. Smelling the cat, the dog Miyoko called Hatchiko started barking incessavelmente, however, he fell asleep suddenly, catching the attention of Miyoko.
- Hatchiko? What is happening to you, my baby?

 The most that the puppy could do was give one more bark before falling asleep, sprawled on the carpet Girl's Bedroom. Soon, the sinister power was perceived by young priestess, who followed the trail that energy with Kuramasssa wielded the sword in his right hand, thus being protected by Ichiro Mikayazaki.
- Take care, Midoriko is treacherous.
- Do not worry, I will exercise caution.

 And on tiptoe, she went into the garden, where it rained. But it was not any rain, that rain was a retired life and beauty where she touched, bringing the near-extinction as a consequence of the inhabitants of the kingdom of Sesshoumaru. By having the power to bring to life all that died, she created a barrier with her power, causing the villagers returned to live slowly.
 - Midoriko, why are you doing this? You're my sister, I know we can talk and solve all this peacefully.
 - I'm not your sister, I'll never be. We are too different to live in peace, in addition, I allowed the soul of the girl who was my host lived long, it's time I take this body and fight against you and this sword useless.
- Please, listen to me, we do not need to fight, I know we can work this out together, our sinks need not know anything about what we talk about.

 Miyoko Midoriko hit brutally, showing the outright hostility of her, showing that reiryouku (spiritual power) was not inferior to the girl youkai.
- I already said that we have nothing in common! Our destiny is to confront each other mercilessly. I recognize the reason of my birth, but if you do not recognize as yours the only thing I have left is to destroy you, sorry about that.
- Midoriko ... My sister ...

 Miyoko hesitated to fight because I knew deep down it would only hurt her sister would not happen anything priestess who dominated her body.