Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, October 12, 2012

03. Midoriko, Princess of Darkness

  Day after day, Miyoko felt bad because of that black cloud that was coming increasingly under the days that the youngest of the family born. With that, she deduced that the baby yet unborn would be the cause of that sinister power.
- Miyoko, my daughter, did something happen? - Kiara asked, seeing that the girl was worried.
- Do not worry, Mom, it's okay.
- Okay, if you need someone to talk to, I'll be in the dining room.
- Okay, Mommy. But I'm fine, do not worry about anything.

 Soon after leaving the room Kiara Girl, Miyoko saw a star in the sky, but it was not a star any, was brilliant and emphasized the immensity of the universe. Along with it came a sword that shone brightly for Miyoko. The sword was called Kuramassa and had the dagger and sheath in red. Suddenly, a voice emerged from the artifact sword and became even brighter, and said imperatively:

- Miyoko, this sword was granted because of your powers priestess, so do not disappoint in, obey your job at all costs.
- And what is that job? Who are you?
- Your task is to destroy definitely the princess of darkness, to be born as your sister soon.
- Okay, but who are you?
- That does not matter right now, just know that if Miss need me, I'll be asleep within Kuramassa and I will appear only in emergencies or if I invoke Miss ... Keep this sword with your life and do not let anyone see beyond you. But there's a catch if it is a case of extreme urgency, Sesshoumaru can play Kuramassa and wield the sword, but only in emergencies or if something happens to you.

 Miyoko nodded and put the sword into the wardrobe in her security when Sesshoumaru entered in her room with the little girl in her arms that had just been born. She had silver hair and brown eyes. named after Midoriko, named Kiara's grandmother, but it was also the name of a princess with great power who lived centuries ago.
 "Midoriko" that name echoed through the mind of Miyoko and made her get in touch with the spirit that was inside the sword Kuramassa. "Is she the princess of darkness, this girl should not live for many years, when she reaches the age of sixteen, you must kill her at any cost. Initially, it will show a fragile girl and sweet, but when the time comes, she will show her true identity and when that day comes, be ready, because the portal of youkai will open for you. "