Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Prologue: A Beautiful Baby

 After a few years of mourning the death of Saori, the young Kiara is replaced with sweet moments Sesshoumaru again, generating results in the arrival of a child, in the eyes of youkai bringing happiness and satisfaction, for he hoped that one was born boy. However, Kiara wanted another girl for the simple fact that almost all the girls they had were not as stubborn Sesshoumaru and it brought some ease in creating it.

  Spent time and was soon possible to predict what the baby would be, and to the satisfaction of Kiara, was another girl, to be called Miyoko Kishikawa Arioto. Sesshoumaru was annoyed at first, but the idea that another beautiful girl born just liked him, causing him to create the expectation that similar Miyoko born to his wife.
- Well, well, until now only had girls. I think the boys in our family is summarized in just Yasuhiko, and Takashi Akihiro.
- Honey, do not talk like that. All our girls were born beautiful and healthy, besides, it costs to have a little hope, maybe one day a child is not born?
- I hope you're right, my princess ... But also do not see anything wrong in being born another girl as long as she is like you.

  At that moment, the girl would be born again out of season, forcing Sesshomaru making childbirth wife again. So was born the tiny, hair and brown eyes, with a sweet little smile on her face, noting that Miyoko was clearly happy to be born, even not having a sense of the world or anything yet.
- This is our greatest treasure, the sweet and innocent smile of a baby will be very loved and cherished by us all.