Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

13. A Youkai Dream: The Mount Hakurei

He was about to dusk when Sesshoumaru and Ichiro collected the bodies of Kiara and Miyoko into the castle, but was just in time for dinner, but neither had an appetite to take if you want a glass of water. They placed the body in each of the two beds and there were appropriate, each boy with the girl they loved deeply.
  Ichiro was unhappy at losing the woman he love and that was the only one to fulfill the promise of freeing him Kuramassa forever. Put a gold ring on the ring finger and brightest of the right hand of Miyoko; thought of touching her lips for a moment, but resisted because he wanted to steal a kiss from her only if she was awake and sane, so he lay beside her and fell asleep.

  Sesshoumaru was not far behind; sadness of youkai was even deeper in order to make the boy fall asleep with tears in his eyes at dawn. With this, he dreamed, and an unfamiliar voice echoed through her ​​mind, saying, bearing the image of a mountain called Mount Hakurei. "If either of the two priestesses life back, bring them on Mount Hakurei and look for Midoriko Yameda, not that it killed them, but one that can save both." - Said the voice, which induced the youkai to fulfill what was sent to him.

  It would be common at this time Sesshomaru awakening, but he did not. I was too tired to obey that voice sweet and firm, which promised life of Kiara and Miyoko again.