Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

08. Paternal Protection

 - But that's impossible, I can not believe it ... Ichiro, you're lying to me, are not you?
  - I would never lie to you, Miss Miyoko, what I'm saying I heard Sesshoumaru's own, trust me, please, I ask you just a vote of confidence.

   The girl did not answer, she just thought for a moment about the fact that it is fragile and Miyuki. If all that was true, then why hide it from her Sesshoumaru? why does he put her life at risk by ordering that she fought against Midoriko? Maybe she would have misunderstood the expression of youkai, or maybe she would have understood right, but her father would have gone back? Not even she would know to answer that question, however, still decided, was to meet again Midoriko, which was absorbing her powers back.
  Miyoko deep breath and decided, stood face-to-face against Midoriko, drawing his sword Kuramassa and preparing to attack.

  Before she attacked the priestess of darkness, Sesshoumaru appears paa protect her from an attack that would come soon.