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Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, January 11, 2014

『VII. New Student』

  The next day was normal , despite everything she learned in just one night , no one noticed any change in attitudes Blair . However , Matthew noticed a fraction of sadness in her voice when she saw her in the hallways , but did not attempt to say anything to try to cheer her up . Amberlyn watched the reaction of representative classes and shot the boy with a glare because he had disobeyed one of the rules that have been imposed .

  Blair was busy in student government getting the support Annelise when a girl comes in and distracts the attention of others.
- How can I help ?
- The director told me to talk to the representative Blair Lockwood .
- I am . It's a pleasure to help , how can I be helpful ?
- I just transfer me here and told me that you take care of the integration of newcomers .
- Okay . You can sit here, please ?
  The girl sat down and had their transfer and their documents . Blair looked at every thing in detail and looked Annelise , who took various roles in a drawer .
- Okay ... Scarlet , is not it?
- Yes
- Here are their schedules and everything you will need for classes today . We will have the first two classes in the same room , then I can show you a little of the school. These are the keys to her hall closet and dressing room , you can find them easily .
- Thank you.
- Oh, please , end of the school come back here to finish setting the rest of their integration .
  Scarlet nodded and walked into the hallway , where Matthew found himself leaning against a wall , completely absorbed in his ideas . However, it aroused so smelled the perfume novice . He remembered that smell and was in her direction .
- Hello , Matthew .
- What are you doing here ?
- This school has no restrictions , so I can be where I want. Furthermore , I came here for you .
- So this is how ... You do your work and appear out of nowhere when you want?
- I made a promise , did not I? For I am fulfilling it . And that girl needs to be closely watched , as a part of it can uncover the truth .
- She already knows everything.
- Not all . There is something not even know and Hannah Lockwood , Blair discover if we will have problems .
- You're not saying that ...
- That's right .
- But what about records ?
- The records are wrong , not over yet . She is still on our side and it's better that way . Even so , no one can know about this , so keep this well-kept secret . The Supreme does not know that this news just escaped , so he has not done anything about it.
  Matthew was meditating on those words . So the Apocalypse was not finished actually . If it really is , Scarlet is right and it could not come to the knowledge of Lockwood . Both the Supreme as the others know that Blair is a killing machine unstable and , if she knows that all is not what she thinks , the collapse between vampires may well go out of control .

- Do not see that much tinned girl?
- Yeah, she did not pass me a good impression .
- Indeed . I felt chills.
- Must be known Matthew .
  Annelise arched eyebrow thoughtfully . Really they had something in common and the same atmosphere that surrounded them was frighteningly cold and melancholy . Blair began to arrange her file again and saw a bright spot on the forehead of Scarlet just the photo. So it was more a vampire .