Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

『III. Midnight Party』

  The big day was coming up and the students were eager . Missing a few hours for prom and many tried to figure out what would be the decorating theme and how would the ball after it's done , however , no student body provided information about what happened that night .
  Apart from the hall, the subject that most students left alarmed was the rumor that Blair Lockwood would be accompanying the rookie Matthew Lloyd that day . For them , this was something strange and unprecedented , because everyone knew that the chairman had an affection that was not so secret by the representative of the class B of the third year , Thomas Whillows . However , what happened to you both were not together was a mystery and they desvendariam at the time of prom .

  When the school day ended , the students frantically drove to the city center in search of gowns , costumes and all sorts of accessories to be crowned ' Queen of Horror ' . Credit cards were passed every second and work of vendors has doubled that afternoon until the last second of the opening hours of shops . Hairdressers and manicurists also worked very late into the night .

- I do not think you'll use it ! Blair , where are you thinking?
  Annelise was indignant and Blair looked through the mirror as I passed a new layer of powder, leaving her with morbid and ghostly air.
- What is the problem ? Matthew and I agreed that it would .
- Well , if I had seen it before for sure would not have let you go shopping alone ... Can you give me a hand here?
  Blair began arresting her friend's hair in a braid backpack and then attaching it to a simple bun, leaving some reddish curls emoldurarem completely made-up of Annelise , who was dressed as a new version of ' The Corpse Bride ' face.
- Thank you, friend. Are you sure you do not want some finishing touches that your clothes ?
- Yes I do , do not worry . Also, I'm not the least bit interested in having the title of Queen of Horror tonight .
- Sometimes I do not understand you .
  At that time , a horn rang at the house of Lockwood . Was perceiro Annelise , who was a few minutes early .
- See you there.
  It did not take long for Blair 's escort appeared. After an endless photo session and numerous guidelines , her parents allowed them to go the party. When they were coming in his car , Matthew looked at her for a moment .
- You are beautiful .
- Thank you. You also ... Count Dracula .
  He smiled and closed the car door for her , sitting in the driver's seat seconds later and following the path to the ballroom .

  Arrived at the right time and seen students who came from everywhere . Some looking for a parking spot , waiting for the other to join, some dancing on the track and others taking pictures in the west wing of the hall . Matthew Blair and soon presented themselves at the entrance of the hall and were greeted by the director , who was dressed as Frankenstein .
  Upon entering , followed up where several photographers working with ordinary clothes and looks bored , as if they had already participated in many of these events . There was just a girl photographer who worked with enthusiasm , she certainly was early in his career and encouraged with these sophisticated and horrifying events . There were several types of creatures : werewolves until mummies , ghosts classics like Phantom of the Opera to the Medusa .
  When we arrived in their turn , Matthew Blair held in her arms , causing her pendesse his head back , exposing his neck , allowing him to pull over his lips on her skin smooth and delicate , as do the character he was playing . The photographer became even more excited and took pictures from all angles , in so many ways , certainly surprised by the originality of the couple .
- I'm sorry , I guess I got carried away by my character .
- It's okay . At least fotótgrafos were more excited now .
  Matthew and Blair gave arms and were where they were the tables and dance floor.
 Until then , no one had noticed the couple, but they walked through the crowd of students to the table that was reserved for them , under a silvery light of the spotlight , everyone looked in their direction , is discreetly either in a direct way . Anyway , they did not pass unnoticed because they were a classic and perfect couple . Matthew was dressed as Count Dracula , with some contemporary changes , while Blair was wearing a black Victorian dress with slightly puffed short sleeves , a well marked waist and skirt falling in soft layers . Neck , she wore a black silk ribbon with a delicate lace . Her hair was stuck on the sides by clips silver, leaving it slightly up face sample. Together , the characters themselves seemed tale of Bram Stoker : Dracula and Lucy Westenra .
  Annelise Ryan left for a moment and pulled Blair table with subtlety and then went to the bathroom to have a brief conversation. Even if he was a party , there was no ghost there, leaving them freer to talk . Closed the door and booked the last enccararam . Annelise was pale beneath those layers of powdered rice and looked at her friend with dark blue eyes wide .
- What happened ? Why is with this guy friend?
- You and Matthew ... You are PERFECT !
- Hey , keep calm , Annelise ! We 're together just for today , remember?
- I know, but you guys look good together and the spotlights further enhance this impression .
   Blair sighed and left the booth and went back to the salon . What Annelise was saying was ridiculous, it was like saying that all pairs of the hall were perfect paraos other just because they were fantasies of the same tale of terror.