Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, January 3, 2014

15. łıѵє σя ∂ıє - вяσkєη вяσтнєяs

 Several policais vehicles from Germany followed by rus euphoria of capital , they received a call from one of the soldiers to a large emergency. For the first time , Akira Shiragawa not be able to do what he had promised the parents of Erin Takamura and it was up to the German police take action on the matter . Blade had to disappear for the rest world with a little more peace .
  The police turned the corner and got out with extreme agility and with guns drawn , loaded and ready to hit Blade , who was gazing at the Shiragawa police .
- Do not move, Blade ! We are greater in number and you have nowhere to escape. Do not react , but we will shoot !
  Blade laughed and disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. The soldiers lowered their weapons and hold , disappointed to have lost a chance like that. Looked in the direction of the Japanese police , who approached the captain and the officers glared with eyes blazing with hatred.
- What did you idiots ! I was to make him surrender and you appear that way with such a ridiculous threat ? You are dealing with the most powerful killer of the world , then I suggest you improve this approach .
- Sorry, Miss Shiragawa , think ...
- Assholes ! Did not you think of anything ! That's the problem of you ! Disappear from my sight , platoon incompetent .
  The police disappeared quick as a flash, leaving Akira alone at night with his thoughts . She climbed on his motorcycle and headed nowhere , still digesting every word of their conversation . Haruka was still there somewhere in the heart of Blade and she just needed to make it wake up again . What foolish of me , she thought, after years he will not give up everything he could , even if it was at the expense of the happiness of others .
- Good evening , Miss Shiragawa . You heard the news?
  She was silent .
- The government gave him a week to capture Blade .
  Akira gritted his teeth and looked intently at Stephen , who was under the light of a streetlamp . Something began to seem familiar: hair color , posture and eye color . Somehow , she had already seen all of those traits , but could not remember exactly where . She knew she had once seen in a newscast , but did not know why . The cop shook his head and sighed . If she did not act quickly lose the chance to stop Blade again because of the impatience of the government. She was determined to capture him and not let him escape this time .

  Alan was watching the tranquility of Blade and found it a little suspicious . At other times they were worried walking back and forth and thinking of plans to capture the police , however , was not what they were doing . After Blade have come out last night he came back calmer and distracted .
- Blade , what the hell happened to you ?
- What are you talking about? I'm normal.
- No it's not . After you left last night I saw you sitting on that balcony just thinking about life , what 's eating you?
- That's none of your business , Alan . The plan is progressing according to plan and that's what matters .
- That cop hit you with darts tranquilizers or sleeping gas ?
- I told you it does not matter , now go find something to do and leave me alone .
  Alan raised an eyebrow at Blade . It was clear that something was happening . Because they are childhood friends , one knew exactly the life of another . He went to the balcony and nudged Blade , which was already ' out of breath ' again .
- What now ?
- Come on, Blade . We've been friends for a long time and I know when something's wrong with you. What that Shiragawa kitted this time?
- Alan , please do not meddle and leave me alone .
  He clucked his tongue . Really something was wrong there.
- You see ? Not seen use since so many subtleties when his father died . What happened , man ?
  Blade looked at him and took a deep breath .
- If you do not fade away now I'll do it in pieces so small that you will not be able to redo . Got the message ?
- This is the Blade I know!
- And call Feng ; want to know how things are going .
  Alan nodded and disappeared into the apartment , leaving Blade again deep in thought . No one knew he was even more devastated than her sister by being forced to continue to plot against her. Akira had touched an open wound , but he was not willing to stop following the ways of Markus for her. At that moment , just an idea took hold their heads : they were no longer brothers . Were mortal enemies who worked in the last act of a bloody piece and that lasted for years . Everything summarize in just a striking phrase : live or die .