Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, January 5, 2014

『I. Forsaken』

   Cameron Parker was seventeen when it happened. He was born in Greenock, Scotland , and lost his father when he was only seven years. Since then , his mother strove to work in order to support the child and ensure that he could have it all even with the absence of his father. Soon, he was in the care of his maternal grandmother , who was like a real mother to him . Therefore , Cameron became interested in classical music and learned to play piano and also learned to play the violin flawlessly .
  He always studying until dawn , because he wanted his family to be proud of to the fullest. Cameron was really talented not only in studies but also in the arts . During a quiet morning , his inspiration gained strength to see a girl dressed in navy blue , black long hair and playing violin illuminated by the moonlight . The boy did not hesitate , and quickly , drew exactly every detail of the mysterious girl .
  To look again at her direction , he realizes that the mysterious girl disappeared . Cameron rubbed his eyes and tried to find more vision, however , could not see anything . Frustrated and slightly depressed, he lay down on the bed and stared at the ceiling until he fell asleep minutes later .

   Cameron turned to the other side and , with eyes half closed from fatigue , he saw the outline of a female silhouette that was graceful and delicate at the same time. For a moment he thought he was dreaming , but soon found that was not . Sleep disappeared completely and he saw the girl approaching lightly . His face was covered in shadows and his body was covered by a solid black dress , he knew not discriminate precisely what she was wearing .
  The girl stood before him and rays of moonlight illuminated her face . Her skin was white as a sheet and coal black hair covering part of her face, leaving visible only the lips were the color of natural bright red and one eye , which was crimson . A gentle breeze passed through the room and shook the white curtains and brought up Cameron 's intoxicating and overwhelming scent exuded skin of the girl. He who stood , lay back down involuntarily . She knelt before him and stroked his face, making sure that the long , sharp nails , which were painted black , should not harm the sculpted face of Cameron, who winced slightly, but without taking his eyes from the mysterious girl with no second even .
- Finally found you , Cam - her voice was like a velvety whisper , which pleased the boy's eardrums .
- Who is ... You? - He finally found his voice to speak .
  She did not answer . He took a penknife from his pocket and made a cut near the base of the neck . The crimson liquid that oozed from her wound was Cameron 's throat burn with intensity and his eyes turn glassy. His body felt a sudden need to take the blood of that unknown . She leaned close to him and he pulled her hair out of the way so you can satisfy the need that consumed truthfully.
  Soon , his throat felt red liquid slowly dripping and cold , as if it were the rarest of all and sweet wine. Cameron compulsively drank blood , following the frenzy that seemed endless. The girl made ​​no sign of him out instead moved closer and let the boy saciasse all his will .
  Reluctantly, he pulled away , licking the corners of the mouth that still contained the precious and sweet crimson liquid. The girl stood up and walked away , her eyes wide with surprise and approval to see the picture of the boy who rose from the bed with difficulty.
- You have to rest , can not strive until everything is complete . Please look no endeavor , Cam See you again soon , I promise .
  The Crimson Her eyes sparkled with worry and guilt. No one had ever told her that he was the One . She left as quickly as possible when heard footsteps tired and dragged down the hall and coming toward the Cameron room.

  His grandmother opened the door and looked around , but found the boy there. The lady soon despaired , but heard Cameron signals in the bathroom and was approached to see what was happening , but very nearly freaked out when you see the situation grandson was fine a few hours ago . He sat on the floor with his forehead resting on the edge of the tub his arms were around her body , trying to chase a pain that tortured him to the depths of your heart . Cameron panted and growled and Mrs. Parker approached , completely distraught and saw that his grandson was in a cold sweat and trembling , being almost transparent and her mouth dripping blood .
- Cam ! What happened , my grandson ?
- I. .. I do not know ...
  He began to have a new crisis and coughed uncontrollably for several minutes while his grandmother helped him get up and lie down . When she held his right hand , and saw that there were marks of deep cuts on the wrist and they would not stop bleeding . Once Cameron sat up in bed , he began to drink the blood itself frantically , trying to fool himself for the pain he felt over.
- My son , stop it ! I'll call the doctor right now!
- No! No, please grandmother . Nobody can do anything .
  When he raised his head to look at Mrs. Parker , she could not resist the urge to scream as she saw the eyes of the grandson of shimmering silver and dark circles , leaving you with even more pale and frightening air. His lips were pale and his hands were cold as ice . Cameron growled again and saw Lissa Parker and extremely sharp white fangs jutting out .
  The lady had no time to react because the prey grandson were on her skin and her whole life energy was being sucked out at a frightening speed. He looked like a hungry animal that was for weeks without food .
  Later , his grandmother fell unconscious and cold . Lissa Parker Cameron was dead and only realized it when his pain disappeared and returned to you in part. He was shocked and horrified by what he had done . Grandmother 's body lay in his bed and out the window without looking back in no time . That girl had transformed into a bloodthirsty monster and he could never get close to his family in the state it was. From now on he would be a loner who hide in the shadows and take care that no one approached him anymore, because nobody could help him or cure him . Cameron was alone . More than that , he was abandoned forever.