Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, January 10, 2014

『VI. True 』

  Mother and daughter went to the room with the intention of talking to themselves. The adoptive father of Blair was out working in a call as security for a bank and they could be at peace . They sat on the bed the girl and stood face -to -face . Blair did not know whether I was doing right , because Hannah could hide the truth again, but she had to try.
- Mother , it is true that I am a Half Blood ? Something strange happened when I was coming home and Matthew told me that you were a vampire hunter , and that my real father was a vampire prince named Benjamin Sky and he died .
- Yes It's true . And Joseph knows it. He was also a hunter and welcomed me when the empire his father was destroyed .
- And why did you hide this from me?
- Because the family relationship that you and Joseph had was wonderful, because I did not want to leave you with a trauma from knowing that his real father is dead .
  Blair paused and stared at her mother , trying to understand what else she was hiding her. Hannah grabbed his daughter's hands firmly and showed a scar that was on her left shoulder .
- This happened when his father died . You only had weeks of their life and we lived all together in his father's castle . Benjamin loved you more than anything and it left a bitter group of subjects . They became rebels and tried to storm the castle at all costs . However , his father was stronger and could inhibit numerous invasion attempts .
' But there was a day when you and I were alone in the castle , because his father was summoned to a meeting with the supreme vampire . The rebels seized this chance and the guards did not have enough strength to stop them and they entered the room where we were . Were armed with various weapons and tried to hurt you , but I still had skills to protect you. '
' His father arrived , but too late . The guards were killed and I was wounded , you cried on my lap and Benjamin came to support you and me. Once he held in his lap , one of the surviving rebels attacked him with a silver dagger . '
  Blair felt his eyes fill with tears . Think everything happened in such a cruel manner was cold and depressing. She felt for her father and all those who morrerram because of it . If it was not because she was crying that day , Benjamin would be alive right now. Hannah bolstered the daughter, who sobbed and took something from the bedside table Blair .
- I think this might make you feel better .
 She took the photograph that depicted her father . Benjamin was a really noble vampire, with dark brown hair well groomed and dark blue eyes that conveyed serenity and sweetness . He was in a white suit and not look directly at the picture , but to a large window . Blair soon realized that there was a similarity between them . The precise distance of the eyes , the shape of the face and chin were equal .
  Hannah looked at it with emotion . If Benjamin were alive , sure would be happy to see how Blair was now.
- I just remembered something.
- What is it?
- Before he died , Benjamin gave you the gift of seeing the weakness of the other vampires and also the gift of healing . A part of his soul is within you since that day.
  Blair 's eyes widened and then she remembered the light that saw Rhayden 's throat and left chest of Matthew . So it was Benjamin who was helping to awaken their true origin of Half Blood .