Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, January 5, 2014

17. łαsт вяєαтн

  The residents of that area heard sounds of gunfire and cries of suffering that had no end , and so they decided to call the authorities , who arrived quickly on the scene. When they arrived , they came across the body of Feng killed at the entrance of the alley and lost time to drive the ambulance .

  Akira and Blade were in disrepair. Were wounded and bloodied , but not stopped to compose himself . If they fell , defended themselves trying to get up , aggravating the injury and losing more blood, so leave them vulnerable to one another .
- What happened ? Decided to give up ?
- Of course not . While not end you will not sleep .
  Blade raised a blade, but fell to his knees in pain and growling . The blood spread on the floor in a puddle around him and he gasped , unable to stand back up . Akira left the gun and went to rescue his brother , ignoring the promise she had made to herself .
- Let me and enjoy the chance to shoot me .
- You promised you forget the past, but I do not . Now it's my turn to take care of you .
  Blade pulled away abruptly and reached the blade , causing a scratch on her forehead.
- You do not have where to escape , Blade ! If you react we'll shoot !
  Akira leaned against the wall with one hand and walked to be visible to the German police .
- He is my ... I'll take it to trial ... Get out of here ... Now .
- The lady is injured and can not leave a wounded officer in a fight .
  The boy got the strength to get up and launched one of the blades against one of the officers , who fell dead on the floor . The captain was struck by cholera and pulled a gun from his belt , throwing Blade in hand and flipping the blade out of reach .
- Shoot now ! Do not let him escape .
  Blade was vulnerable and did nothing to defend . The shots to hammer her arms , legs and ribs , but he did not mind screaming or growling for the pain he felt.
- Cease fire , NOW !
  The soldiers stopped and stared at Akira , who was running toward Blade . The captain , already red with hatred , approached the police .
- What are you doing ? You should allow us the we killed !
- No! I will not allow you to put a finger on it!
- Akira , not ...
- I know what I'm doing , Haruka .
 The captain looked at her , waiting for a convincing answer . Akira looked at him again and resumed talks with courage and conviccção .
- Blade is my brother .
  The soldiers began to whisper to each other , but the captain was not willing to let Blade escape again.
- Do you really look like, but I will not pity him . I understand your compassion , but he is a threat on a global scale !
  Akira was determined and not moved away from Haruka in no time . The captain drew his gun and prepared to give the shot , but was hit by another weapon .
- You will not shoot my friend!
  Alan was on the roof of a house with ready to take another shot gun . He looked up and hissed a thank Akira then begin to shoot the guards again. They retaliated and some shots to hammer Alan , but he would not surrender. Blade looked ahead and saw Alan kneeling with one hand on his chest , where a shot was violent, but had no strength to say anything .
  The captain laughed and shot them, but Akira prevented the shot hit him Blade .
- You will conspire with him? What did your parents say about this? What would your corporation about it ?
- My parents would be happy that I have tried to do something for my brother and corporation would be honored to know that I died doing my duty .
- Then so be it .
  The captain pointed the gun at Akira and shot her in the head. Blade had no strength to move and had her face splattered by blood sister . He allowed himself to cry before being hit in the chest and die too.

 It was over . The person who threatened the country was no longer there and he brought the police who honored their duty . At least be together with family and friends again .

  The captain was not honored , but convicted of killing Akira and Haruka without having been in self-defense .

  Alan was able to recover and today was pardoned of his crimes and became a writer to pay tribute to the happy brothers past.

 And this is where I end this story . Tragic ? That's up to you.

Alan Smidith